Andrew Blatherwick, one of the UK supply chain scene’s most experienced leaders, has been appointed non Executive Director of RELEX, Europe’s fastest growing retail planning and supply chain systems company. He will help spearhead RELEX’s expansion across the EU.

Blatherwick began his career at Boots and became Supply Chain Director at retailer Iceland before moving into supply chain systems. Joining leading inventory management outfit E3 Corporation as its International President in 1995 he helped negotiate the company’s acquisition by JDA with whom he also served as President of the EMEA Business.

Blatherwick, who has subsequently served in leadership positions with several leading retail consultancies and systems companies, believes RELEX has the potential to be a market leader in retail planning and supply chain optimisation.

“I know what it’s like to lead the best inventory management systems team in the world,” says Blatherwick. “Getting involved with RELEX is the first time in a long time I’ve felt the real sense of excitement I did with E3. RELEX is the first company I’ve come across that has the same deep understanding and capability to drive improvement in retail through advanced Inventory management that we were doing with E3.”

“RELEX has the same obsession with customer satisfaction and success, it’s a sure sign of a great company.”

RELEX, founded in 2005, has grown rapidly to become the market leader in Finland and Scandinavia and in recent months has announced its first British and German customers.

Blatherwick says he hopes to help the business to achieve its full potential.

“The management team is a group of really bright young people that understands supply chain inside out. They’re all logistics PhDs with experience in industry and they’re very much supply chain problem solvers first. What I think I bring to the company is the experience of taking a business like this out to the world.”

RELEX, which has customers in 12 European territories, is aiming to establish itself as the first choice of retailers across the EU.

“We couldn’t want for a better addition to our team,” says RELEX CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen. “The UK is one of the toughest markets in Europe to break into and Andrew brings a profound understanding of UK (and pan-European) retail gained across four decades both as a senior supply chain executive and as a systems expert.”

Biographical note

Andrew Blatherwick joined leading UK and International retailer Boots in 1977 rising to become Group Product Manager Foods before moving on to frozen foods retailer Iceland where he spent ten years, the last five years as Supply Chain Director. He joined inventory management systems company E3 Corporation as International President in 1995 and drove the business forward so that at the time of its acquisition in 2001 it had more than 500 retail and wholesale customers in 20 different countries.

Andrew served as President of JDA International before joining Manchester-based Alphameric Retail as Managing Director where he helped reverse the business’s decline. He’s since brought his business development expertise to CoreProcess International (as Group CEO), Argility (as Executive Director – International Business Development), Manthan Systems (as President of Manthan Systems Europe) and is currently CEO at business consultancy A2B4P.

He advises a select stable of companies in a non executive capacity focusing on business development and change management.