Companies wishing to test how their supply chain management processes compare with those of other retailers and wholesalers can now use a new tool to benchmark their performance.

The benchmark tool builds on research “State of the Retail Supply Chain 2015” carried out by Martec International for RELEX.

Looking at a number of different areas, such as forecasting, replenishment, collaboration and technology, the tool grades respondents into four categories according to their answers. At one end of the scale, businesses that rely on tried and tested manual methods might be rated ‘traditional’. At the other end, those that have gone furthest in embracing the latest supply chain technology and approaches might be judged to be ‘agile’.

The benchmark tool is intended to help businesses that are reviewing their supply chain operations to assess whether they might benefit from a move towards advanced planning and replenishment systems.

Retailers turning over more than EUR 100M p.a. that aren’t currently using next generation SCM systems typically see sharp increases in availability and sales and cuts in wastage and remaindered stock when they upgrade their technology.

The tool can be found here. For further details and to arrange a free consultation on the latest supply chain technology options please contact us.

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