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Position: Senior Solutions Consultant

Position Duties: 

  1. Supervise project teams with junior business analysts and technical consultants throughout the project lifecycle, by a) identifying business requirements and cost reductions, b) optimizing machine learning forecasting, replenishment, and allocations processes, and c) leading user workflow training to maximize efficiency in the customer’s supply chain operations.
  2. Match business requirements with RELEX’s functionality and modules, demonstrating and delivering the potential benefits of the machine learning solutions in client’s own context.
  3. Lead the configuration of software solutions for clients, based on knowledge of warehouse layout, demand planning, inventory management, logistics, and supply chain operations. Utilize mathematical (stochastic and deterministic) and computer modeling to analyze the economic benefits of operational changes executed in the supply chain as a result of using RELEX as a demand planning software.
  4. Perform business analysis and provide supply chain best practices at the strategic, operational, and organizational level, based on engineering judgment and mathematical optimization modeling

Education/Experience Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering or related field & 36 months of experience as a business analyst

Travel Requirement: 20% travel to unanticipated locations throughout the U.S. 

Location of Employment: Relex Solutions, Inc. 1201 Peachtree Street, Suite 1000, Atlanta GA 30361

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