Career story: Jasmin Karasar

“If you like working with some of the most motivated and committed people you’ll ever meet, somewhere where everyone gets treated with respect, where there’s real variety and a lot of fun, then go for RELEX!”

Jasmin Karasar, Technical Project Manager at RELEX

Technical integrations

Jasmin Karasar, 25, is a technical project manager with RELEX mainly working with our clients in Norway and Sweden. Jasmin grew up in Espoo, just west of Helsinki, and studied at Aalto University where she took a Master’s Degree in computer science focusing on software production and industrial engineering.

Having managed project delivery for a broadband provider Jasmin joined RELEX in September 2011 after seeing an ad placed by a recruitment company catering for students and graduates.

“I had project management experience and I thought the position would allow me to build on the skills I’d started to develop,” says Jasmin. “However I also liked the sound of the company. It was small and the work was varied; so I applied.”

In her role as technical project manager Jasmin is responsible for the technical integration between RELEX systems and clients’ existing ERP systems. “I often build the integration myself,” says Jasmin. “But, critically, I work with customers to identify all the factors that need to be taken into consideration when we create the required data interfaces between the systems.”

“That’s great for so many reasons. It allows me to understand better what each of my colleagues does, it adds to the sense of variety at work but it also does a lot for my personal development. You can pick up a lot of skills and knowledge working on new things alongside people who are real experts in that area.”

Jasmin needs a good knowledge of the database programming language SQL and of Java for her data analysis work, however her expertise stretches much further than just coding.

“I need to understand how existing customer data is to be mapped to the RELEX data model, what data is needed and where in the customer system it can be found. Then data interfaces need to be built so that imported data helps the system deliver what the customer needs.”

Working at RELEX

Jasmin describes the work environment as ‘hectic at times’. “Due to the small size of the company it’s almost inevitable that one finds oneself getting involved it all sorts of tasks that aren’t necessarily part of one’s job description.” As a result Jasmin takes time to understand the customer’s business and the workings of modern supply chains so that the technical solution she produces is one grounded in business reality and is an effective, practical solution.

As a result Jasmin has to spend time with clients across Northern Europe and travels regularly to Sweden and Norway. “I have just one piece of advice for anyone thinking about applying for a job with RELEX,” Jasmin says. “If you like the idea of working with some of the most motivated and committed people you’ll ever meet, people whose talent will surprise you every day, if you want to work somewhere where everyone gets treated with respect, where there’s real variety and, yes, even a lot of fun, then go for it!”


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