Career story: Jasmin Karasar

“If you like working with motivated and committed people, in a company where everyone gets treated with respect and where there’s real variety and a lot of fun, go for RELEX!”

Jasmin Karasar, Technical Project Manager

Jasmin Karasar joined RELEX in September 2011 and she holds a Master’s Degree in computer science from Aalto University. “I had project management experience and I thought the position would allow me to build on these skills. I also liked the sound of the company. It was small and the work was varied.”

What is Jasmin’s work like?

After many successful client projects in Northern Europe, Jasmin has taken on the responsibilities of a team leader. As a result of RELEX’s growth, Jasmin has moved to Atlanta to work with the company’s U.S. customers.

Jasmin is responsible for the technical integration between RELEX and the clients’ existing ERP systems. “I work with customers to identify the factors that need to be taken into consideration when we create the required data interfaces between the systems.”

Jasmin describes the work environment as ‘hectic at times’, but she likes to take time to understand the customer’s business so that the technical solution she produces is effective and practical.

The best thing about working at RELEX

“The best thing about RELEX is the close-knit, ambitious team of smart, talented and fun people, who are all committed to the success of an organization. Every member feels that RELEX is more than just a company.”

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