Kesko Food and RELEX have signed an agreement regarding the pilot use of RELEX Analyzer simulation software on spring 2006. RELEX Analyzer has previously been successfully utilized by RELEX in several consultancy projects. For the pilot, more extensive user support and graphical reporting features have been developed for the user interface of the software.


Kesko Food operates in the grocery market offering diverse trading sector services to consumers and business customers in Finland and, through a joint venture, in the Baltic countries. It manages and develops K-food store chains in Finland and is responsible for their marketing, purchasing and logistics services, store site network and retailer resources.

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Retail Logistics Excellence – RELEX provides software and consulting services for enhancing the store replenishment processes of retail chains. RELEX’s products and services are based on a thorough knowledge of the retail sector and long-standing co-operation with leading retail companies.

RELEX Analyzer is a web-based simulation tool, which supports the design of more effective store replenishment processes. It enables what-if analyses on how different replenishment models, parameter settings, and process constraints affect the attainable service level and replenishment efficiency. RELEX Analyzer employs actual sales data collected from the customer’s point of sale (POS) system, which ensures highly accurate and realistic results.