Maatalouskesko Oy has chosen RELEX Processor to improve product replenishment at their warehouses. Production use of RELEX Processor began in February 2007.

Through the use of RELEX Processor, Maatalouskesko aims to improve customer service levels and inventory turnover. Maatalouskesko’s IT and logistics manager summarizes the criteria for selecting RELEX Processor: “We wanted an automatic ordering system which can deal with the challenges of seasonal demand and is quick to implement. In addition we valued the support for efficient and easy editing of product-related control information.”

As part of the implementation project, RELEX conducted a distribution channel analysis to establish which products should be stored and which should be delivered as terminal products. Maatalouskesko’s products were also categorized based on their demand patterns and seasonality to take their individual demand patterns into account in inventory management.

Currently, RELEX Processor is in use at Maatalouskesko’s warehouses. In the fall of 2007, it will also be taken into use in the K-Maatalous retail stores owned by Maatalouskesko.


Maatalouskesko’s store chains include K-Maatalous and Kesko Agro. Maatalouskesko purchases and sells agricultural production machinery and equipment and also, for example, trades grain with agricultural entrepreneurs. Maatalouskesko operates in Finland and the Baltic countries. More information is available at:

RELEX Processor is an ordering system that enables automated store ordering and order suggestions based on the best replenishment and forecasting methods available. Strengths of RELEX Processor include the ability to deal with promotions as well as seasonal variations and the easy control of vast numbers of products and product control information. RELEX Processor can also be customized to support proprietary replenishment models and offers easy integration with most enterprise resource planning (ERP) or point of sales (POS) systems.