The UK’s leading consumer electronics specialist Maplin announces the go-live of Galleria’s solution for customer centric merchandising. The new micro space planning solution, part of Galleria’s next generation Customer Centric Merchandising solution, enables Maplin to easily create and update fixed shelf layout and manage the performance of its product categories at store level and based on consumer purchasing patterns.

With 218 stores and 20,000 products in over 800 categories, Maplin found that, prior to working with Galleria, creating planograms quickly and keeping these up to date at all times was becoming a challenge. Maplin recognized that it needed a more robust and agile system that could offer progressive capabilities such as advanced 3D visualization, flexible reporting, the ability to quickly merchandise any fixture to improve store compliance, on-shelf availability and sales. It was also key to Maplin that the solution could grow with the business and support future initiatives.


Simon Duggan, Merchandising Manager at Maplin comments: “We ultimately want to improve efficiency across our stores, for higher customer satisfaction and increased business performance. As a result of working with Galleria, we hope to see a reduction in the time it takes to produce planograms. This will mean we have more time to analyze our data and make better informed decisions regarding our range and product visualization.”

“We looked at several providers. What sets Galleria apart was the time it took getting to know our business and to really understand the issues we were facing. We are very impressed at how flexible and intuitive the system is and how quickly it was implemented – in just three days. Our staff have also needed little training and are already benefiting from the new platform.” added Simon Duggan.

A part of RELEX Solutions and the leading provider of end-to-end category planning, automation and optimization solutions and services to the retail industry, Galleria’s experience provides the foundation for next generation category optimization solutions with advanced planning, automation and optimization levels to support clients in their customer centric journey.

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