Career story: Matias Käkelä

“RELEX is professional but informal. You can ask anyone anything. If you want to develop professionally and personally, you couldn’t hope for better.”

Matias Käkelä, Senior Software Developer

Matias Käkelä joined RELEX in late 2010 and is a Senior Software Developer in the product development team. Matias has a Master’s Degree in computer science with minors in statistics and management from the University of Helsinki.

Matias heard about RELEX for the first time while riding an escalator in Las Vegas. “Everything I heard about RELEX was good,” he says. “Ability to work with cutting edge technologies, like in-house developed database, big data, and many other interesting things, made me feel RELEX was a super exciting place to work in. Nowadays I’m delighted to have extremely smart colleagues, not to forget job security the stable and profitable business affords.”

What is Matias’s work like?

Matias spent his first year working on customer projects before being recruited internally to the product development team. The majority of his time is devoted to software development, and recently, he’s also taken the role of a team lead and a recruiter.

The best thing about working at RELEX

“Our own beer brewing club of course!” Matias says happily. “On a slightly more serious note, having freedom and knowing that our work produces tangible and measurable value for customers and even for the environment is invaluable to me. Not to mention brilliant colleagues, who help me learn new things every day.”

So Matias’s advice to anyone thinking about a job with RELEX? “If you really want to develop professionally and personally and being your own boss, you couldn’t hope for a better work place. Go for it.”

Matias Käkelä

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