Frischdienst Walther Implements RELEX to Improve Demand Forecasting and Optimise Ordering

Oct 11, 2014 2 min

German food wholesaler overhauls purchasing with RELEX technology

Frischdienst Walther, the Kitzingen, Bavaria, based food wholesaler, has chosen RELEX for its demand forecasting and order optimisation.

The company aims to streamline its purchasing processes further with the help of RELEX technology. RELEX demand forecasts will be used to generate optimised order quantities and set order timing to lower administrative and logistics costs. Using existing sales data to analyse customer behaviour will also help increase efficiency. Early identification of shifts in demand and their underlying causes helps avoid unnecessary purchases, residual stock and spoilage.

The food wholesaler also plans to take maximum advantage of supplier campaigns. For instance products can be ordered automatically when pre-set optimum conditions, such as their prices falling below a certain level, are met. As well as promotional discounts, the RELEX system also factors in storage capacity, shelf life, bulk prices and minimum order limits.

Lastly Frischdienst Walther will utilize RELEX’ features for contract monitoring and campaign management.

“Always being up to date with the latest technology and expertise is part of our corporate philosophy,” explains CEO Friedrich Walther. “It enables us to provide our clients with the highest quality and the best service. We are confident that RELEX will help us uncover and capitalise on further potential for our constant improvement.”

It was evident from day one that there was a strong degree of mutual understanding. “We went from our first meeting to signing the contract within two weeks,” says RELEX’s Business Development Manager Michael Hoffmann. “This kind of flexibility and agility is a perfect match for RELEX. So we expect that the implementation will go very smoothly.”

The project began in late September with the definition of processes and user interfaces. In mid-November the first products and suppliers will be integrated into the system. Full roll-out is scheduled for as early as December.

“Frischdienst Walther is a remarkably modern family enterprise,” says Timo Ala-Risku, CEO of RELEX Solutions Germany. The food wholesaler adopts technologies that are usually only seen in large corporations. Among others, Walther uses “Pick-by-Voice” for order picking and optimises delivery runs with a route planning system. “Innovation and customer focus are of utmost importance to Frischdienst Walther, as they are to RELEX. This is the ideal foundation for our collaboration.”

Frischdienst Walther GmbH was established over 100 years ago and has been run as a family business ever since. In its assortment of over 7.400 articles, the food wholesaler focuses on regionally-sourced products. Thanks to 14 refrigerated lorries with dual chamber cooling systems, the company caters to food service providers all over Franconia, a region in Germany spreading over parts of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg and Thuringia. In order to provide customers with the freshest products at any time, Frischdienst Walther continuously modernises its processes and technologies.