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Leading SCM System Supplier RELEX Takes Big Bite out of European Food Wholesale Market

May 8, 2014 2 min

Wholesalers from across the continent using RELEX inventory management software to cut waste and boost profits

Having won new customers in four different European territories in the last year alone Helsinki-based supply chain systems company RELEX says there is a dramatic shift in the sector’s use of technology underway.

RELEX, which is fast establishing itself as the go-to provider of fresh food forecasting and replenishment, offers wholesalers real time forecasting and stock management as well as forecasting at any level required such as by individual customer or group.

“The very strong response we’ve had from wholesalers suggests that the sector has been waiting for a supply chain management solution that can help cut costs and give them a competitive edge through automating replenishment, reducing inventory, slashing spoilage and increasing availability,” says RELEX’s CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen.
“Not only have our wholesale clients saved millions using our systems but we’ve learned a great deal from working with them. A lot of our R&D is now focused on the challenges they meet. We expect more and more wholesalers to adopt the latest demand forecasting and stock management technology.”

Bulk food retailer JJ Food Service Ltd. has flown the flag for RELEX in the UK with staff time savings of 50% and reductions in spoilage, inventory and non-performing lines. “The great thing with RELEX was that as we managed to implement and roll out the system in just three months we were saving money from the get go,” says JJ’s COO Mushtaque Ahmed. “It paid for itself in a matter of weeks.”

Other RELEX clients, such as the Finnish food wholesale and supply chain service operator Tuko, have deepened their businesses ties to customers and opened up new revenue stream. “Using RELEX systems we’ve not only optimised our own operations but we now offer supply chain management as a service to our customers,” says Tuko’s planning manager Tuomas Brunou.
“We run their systems and supply chains which gives us great visibility across both our operations and theirs. We’re more efficient and they get great service. They’re also freer to focus on other aspects of their business from the very personal, such as customer experience and assortment, to high-level strategic planning and business development. It’s a win-win”.