RELEX Forecaster Took Forecasting into a New Era at Farmos

Farmos, a leading cleansing solution provider in Finland, the Baltics and Russia, implemented the Relex Forecaster –system during the spring of 2010.

Inventory Replenishment Efficiency Boosted at Anglo-Nordic with RELEX Solutions

Consumer product wholesaler Anglo-Nordic implemented RELEX replenishment systems at the turn of the year 2010 and boosts efficiency.

Raskone Has Successfully Centralized Sourcing of Spare Parts with the Help of Relex and Ecraft

In the project carried out with RELEX and partner eCraft, spare parts inventory management was centralized with the help of RELEX Processor.

Konebox Selects RELEX’s Solution to Increase Product Replenishment Efficiency

Konebox is a consumer electronics retailer whose business concept combines the best of online shopping and the traditional brick and mortar sales channel. To improve store replenishment efficiency, Konebox has taken RELEX’s RELEX Processor, RELEX...

Rautakesko Gains Concrete Results from Improved Replenishment

Rautakesko and RELEX initiated extensive cooperation at the end of 2008, starting with the restructuring of Rautakesko’s wholesale replenishment in Finland

Raskone Controls Spare Parts Inventories Using RELEX’s Solutions

Raskone is seeking to increase the inventory management efficiency of spare parts at the company’s service centers. Raskone’s goals are to reduce the time spent on managing spare parts, to increase the service level of...

Rautakesko Selects RELEX’s Solutions for Increased Replenishment Efficiency

Rautakesko has selected the RELEX Processor replenishment system and its RELEX Optimizer module for controlling product replenishment in its central warehouses and three hundred stores located in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Norway, and Russia. System...

Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Selects RELEX Software to Boost Store Replenishment Efficiency

Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, a major Finnish chain of bookstores, has decided to deploy the RELEX Processor and RELEX Optimizer software in order to increase store replenishment efficiency. The deployment decision was preceded by a successful pilot...