Nordic Nest Hatches Plan with RELEX to Handle Growth

Scandinavian interior design retailer aims to boost service and automation levels with RELEX's demand forecasting, replenishment and inventory solutions.

Event Network Partners with RELEX Solutions to Optimize Inventory Placement

North America's leading experiential retailer has selected RELEX's solutions to drive improvements to both supply chain efficiency and customer experience.

Denmark’s Top Health & Beauty Retailer, Matas, Chooses RELEX for Supply Chain Efficiency

Matas strengthens its retail planning by introducing a forecasting and replenishment solution to increase end-to-end supply chain transparency and improve flexibility.

Baby Bunting Selects RELEX to Nurture Its Supply Chain

Australia’s largest specialty baby goods retailer has chosen RELEX to optimise its forecasting and replenishment to drive results and support scalability.

Tools & Workwear Supplier Swedol Chooses RELEX To Help Manage Rapid Growth

Tools and workwear supplier Swedol plans to increase operational efficiency by automating and optimizing its supply chain planning.

PetSmart to Automate Demand Planning & Replenishment Processes with RELEX Solutions

PetSmart, the leading specialty pet retailer in North America, has chosen RELEX to automate and optimize its demand planning and replenishment processes.

Ingram Selects RELEX Solutions for Distribution Center Forecasting and Replenishment

A global book distributor and wholesaler Ingram has selected RELEX to provide forecasting and replenishment solutions in their distribution centers.

RELEX Announces that The Vitamin Shoppe Has Chosen its Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

The Vitamin Shoppe, a leading omni-channel specialty retailer of nutritional products, has partnered with RELEX to ensure its customers can easily find the products they need to live their best lives.

Coop Denmark Strengthens its Retail Planning Strategy with RELEX’s Unified Store Portal

Coop Denmark is implementing RELEX’s On-the-Go store portal, designed to make it easy for store teams and central planners to collaborate directly via a shared platform.

U.S. E-tailer Thrive Market Building World-Class Supply Chain with RELEX Solutions

Thrive Market, a membership-based e-commerce retailer, has partnered with RELEX Solutions to integrate and improve its supply chain, including demand forecasting, replenishment, allocations and promotion forecasting.

RELEX Solutions to Provide AutoZone with Forecasting and Replenishment

RELEX announced a new partnership with AutoZone, the largest retailer and a leading distributor of automotive replacement parts and accessories in the United States.

RELEX Wins Twice at Retail Systems Awards 2019

The company shares Technology Project of the Year award with in-flight retailer Tourvest and Supply Chain and Logistics Award with two Nordic retailers.

American Freight Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Forecasting and Replenishment

RELEX’s technology will drive improved efficiency in American Freight’s supply chain processes and support reaching targets around increased store growth and profitability.

RELEX Retail & Supply Chain Award 2019: Best Master’s Thesis, Europe

RELEX will choose the best master’s thesis with a focus on retail and supply chain planning (forecasting, replenishment, seasons or promotions management, allocations, inventory management, category management or assortment management).

RELEX Solutions Acquires Zenopt to Add Workforce Optimization and Management Solution to Unified Retail Planning Suite

RELEX Solutions has acquired Zenopt, a workforce optimization system, to strengthen its position as a trusted provider of unified retail planning solutions.

Coop Estonia Chooses RELEX to Centralize its Supply Chain Planning Processes

Coop Estonia, the country’s largest and oldest retail group, has turned to RELEX to upgrade its supply chain management processes and bring them together within a single, centralized system.

Åhléns Looks to RELEX for Supply Chain Transformation

Leading Swedish department store chain Åhléns will use RELEX Solutions’ pragmatic AI-driven software to take its retail planning to the next level.

Broman Group Chooses RELEX to Automate its Replenishment Processes

Broman Group, a Finnish automotive spare parts and accessories company, has chosen RELEX to improve its supply chain processes.

MediaMarktSaturn Works with RELEX to Power Up Its Supply Chain

MediaMarktSaturn, Europe’s largest retailer in electronics, plans to make use of a selection of RELEX’s features across its operations.

First RELEX Live London Focuses on The Science of Retail

The increasing influence of scientifically-driven planning and operating methods in retail dominated the conversation at RELEX Live in the UK.

RELEX Solutions Names Frank Lord as Chief Revenue Officer

RELEX has tapped Frank Lord to serve as the company’s Chief Revenue Officer. Lord will be tasked with overseeing global sales processes and bringing market approaches into alignment in order to drive growth.

Finnish Grocery Trade Operator K Group Implements RELEX’s Workforce Planning System

K Group, one of the biggest operators in the Finnish grocery trade, has chosen RELEX’s workforce optimization tool to better match staff shifts to workload.

Restel Chooses Zenopt to Manage and Optimize Work Shifts

Restel is implementing Zenopt to automate its planning of work shifts and match working hours to customer demand.

One Stop Unifies Their Supply Chain Planning and Space & Assortment with RELEX

The leading UK convenience store retailer will implement RELEX Solutions’ cloud based supply chain planning solution across its 900 stores and 3 distribution centres.