Leading US convenience chain Casey’s selects RELEX to optimize space plans and supply chain

Casey’s General Stores, Inc., a leading convenience store chain in the United States, will partner with RELEX Solutions to implement a unified space planning and supply chain solution.

Careem partners with RELEX Solutions to enhance forecasting, replenishment, and fresh optimization for Quik grocery delivery

Careem, the region’s leading multi-service platform, partners with RELEX to optimize its grocery delivery supply chain. 

Axionlog selects RELEX to improve its demand forecasting and replenishment

Axionlog, a leading supply chain management company in the food sector, has partnered with RELEX to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their demand forecasting and replenishment processes.

S Group achieves 5 pp increase in the average margins of markdown products with RELEX clearance optimization

S Group expanded the partnership to include clearance optimization for their consumer goods categories at Prisma and Prisma Rauta stores and achieved significant results.

Hennig-Olsen Is increases delivery accuracy with RELEX Solutions

Hennig-Olsen Is, a family-owned and operated ice cream producer in Norway, has partnered with RELEX to significantly improve delivery accuracy levels and reduce inventory levels and spoilage.

RELEX Solutions saves more than 11 million kg of food waste worldwide

Our second annual Sustainability Report covers a wide array of ESG (environmental, social, governance) topics and what we are doing to make a difference.

Super-Pharm Selects RELEX Solutions to enhance retail operations in Poland

Super-Pharm, the leading chain of pharmacies, drugstores, perfumeries, and opticians in Poland, has partnered with RELEX to enhance its retail operations, including forecasting and replenishment, unified space planning, and clearance optimization.

GNC Mexico selects RELEX to modernize their demand planning, forecasting, and replenishment

GNC Mexico, the leading retailer of nutritional products, has partnered with RELEX to improve the accuracy and efficiency of their forecasts and streamline their end-to-end supply chain.

RELEX Solutions aims to provide technology and expertise to Indonesian retailers through partnership with local IT-based solution company

RELEX today announced their partnership with an Indonesian IT-based business solution company, SOLTIUS.

Officeworks Selects RELEX Solutions to Optimise Demand Planning and Modernise Supply Chain Operations

Officeworks, Australia’s leading retailer and supplier of office products for home, business, and educational needs, will partner with RELEX to improve demand forecasting and replenishment processes.

ABACUS Selects RELEX Solutions to improve forecasting, replenishment, promotions, and allocation

ABACUS, a leading Spanish cooperative retailer and distributor of cultural and educational products and services, will partner with RELEX to provide forecasting, replenishment, allocation, and promotion forecasting.

Makro Expands Partnership with RELEX Solutions to Include Space and Floor Planning

Siam Makro, the leading wholesale center in Thailand, announced the expansion of their partnership with RELEX.

Yliopiston Apteekki partners with RELEX and tamigo for end-to-end workforce solution

Finnish pharmacy chain Yliopiston Apteekki, which employs 1000 people in Finland, announced the expansion of their partnership with RELEX and workforce management solution tamigo.

FederFARMA.CO to boost retail space efficiency with RELEX

FederFARMA.CO, the purchasing central for Italian pharmaceutical networks that hold a 40 percent market share, will partner with RELEX to provide space planning to their affiliates.

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Recognizes RELEX’s CEO and Co-Founder as one of its 2023 Pros to Know Award Winners

Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the only publication covering the entire global supply chain, named Mikko Kärkkäinen, CEO and co-founder of RELEX as one of the winners of the 2023 Pros to Know award.

Italian Cooperative Realco Maximizes Inventory Turnover and Availability with RELEX’s Machine Learning-based Replenishment

The Italian cooperative company Realco has significantly improved its inventory management through its partnership with RELEX.

Coop Estonia expands partnership with RELEX Solutions to optimize Promotion Planning – and Performance

Coop Estonia, a market leader in the Estonian grocery market, with 18 regional cooperatives, which operates 330 stores, ranging from minimarkets to hypermarkets, has expanded their partnership with RELEX.

MPM Products Ltd selects RELEX Solutions to provide demand and supply planning to support their growth journey

Premium natural pet food company MPM Products Ltd will partner with RELEX to improve their forecasting and inventory planning capabilities.

Broman achieved a 75% stock reduction in terminating products with RELEX clearance optimization

With RELEX´s automated clearance optimization calculation and markdown process, Broman Group has achieved impressive results in reducing the stock value and the quantity of terminating and write-off products.

Conad Nord Ovest selects RELEX Solutions to power up their supply chain planning

Conad Nord Ovest, a cooperative operating in northwest Italy and part of the Conad Group, the largest organization of independent Italian retail entrepreneurs, has partnered with RELEX to optimize their forecasting and replenishment. 

So.Farma.Morra Group Achieves Optimized Inventory and Assortment with RELEX

So.Farma.Morra, a leading Italian pharmaceutical distributor, has driven significant improvements to its inventory management through its partnership with RELEX

RELEX Solutions selected by Petco to support retail planning and enhance omnichannel customer experience

RELEX was recently selected by Petco Health and Wellness Company, Inc. (Nasdaq: WOOF) to drive improvements to the omnichannel shopping experience for their customers.

Panda Retail expands partnership with RELEX to optimize end-to-end supply chain

Panda Retail, Saudi Arabia’s No. 1 supermarket chain, has expanded their partnership with RELEX to include promotion planning and space management optimization.

REMA 1000 Norge Selects RELEX Solutions to Provide Unified Store Forecasting and Replenishment and Space Optimization

REMA 1000 Norge, a leading Norwegian franchise-based grocery retail chain, has partnered with RELEX Solutions to optimize and unify their store forecasting, replenishment, and space planning processes.