Russian Retail Giant Magnit Selects RELEX for Store and Distribution Center Replenishment

Magnit, Russia’s largest food retailer by number of stores, has selected RELEX Solutions to automate their store and distribution center replenishment.

Ahlsell Selects RELEX Solutions to Manage Forecasting and Replenishment

RELEX will provide forecasting and replenishment to Ahlsell’s three distribution centers in Sweden, Norway, and Finland, followed by implementation in their 240 stores.

Altia Strengthens its Distribution Requirements Planning with RELEX

Through close cooperation, Altia and RELEX developed a new DRP functionality to support the manufacturer’s supply chain planning processes, and automatically generate optimal shipments, reduce manual work, and increase supply chain responsiveness.

Webhallen Selects RELEX Solutions to Optimize Forecasting and Replenishment

Webhallen, one of Sweden’s leading retailers of games, hardware, and consumer electronics, will partner with RELEX Solutions to optimize forecasting and replenishment.

German Drugstore Chain Müller Selects RELEX to Manage Forecasting and Replenishment

German drugstore chain Müller will partner with RELEX Solutions to optimize inventory management for all of its stores using the RELEX forecasting and replenishment software.

Stokke Selects RELEX Solutions to Optimize Its DC Forecasting and Replenishment

RELEX will support Stokke’s 13 distribution centers globally to achieve lower inventory value without risking availability.

S Group Extends its Partnership with RELEX Solutions to Russia and Estonia

Finnish retail giant S Group has extended its successful partnership with RELEX Solutions by implementing RELEX’s advanced AI forecasting and replenishment solution at its operations in Russia and Estonia. and RELEX win Supply Chain Visibility Award at the 2020 Supply Chain Excellence Awards, the largest and fastest-growing online fresh food retailer in Norway, and RELEX Solutions have been jointly awarded the Supply Chain Visibility Award.

Nomeco Partners with RELEX to Meet Danish Pharmaceutical Demand

Danish pharmaceutical wholesaler Nomeco will optimize their supply chain by introducing RELEX forecasting and replenishment.

Musti Group Takes Supply Chain Planning to the Next Level with RELEX’s Markdown Optimization

Musti Group, a leading petcare company operating in the Nordics and a long-time RELEX customer, has implemented RELEX’s markdown optimization solution.

Royal Voluntary Service Continues Successful Partnership with RELEX Solutions

Royal Voluntary Service have rolled out RELEX’s space planning solution across its 230 stores and cafes placed within 116 National Health Service hospitals across the country.

German Grocery Giant REWE to Optimize Store Shelves with RELEX

REWE, Germany’s second-largest grocery retail chain, will partner with RELEX Solutions to create automated, store-specific planograms.

Online Grocery Retailer MatHem Selects RELEX to Provide More Efficient Forecasting and Replenishment

MatHem will partner with RELEX to optimize their core planning processes with fresh food forecasting and replenishment, including promotion and seasonal planning.

Grocery Retailer Migross Improves Customer Service with RELEX

By integrating their replenishment and improving promotional forecasting, the Italian grocer aims to further improve customer service, increasing product availability across its entire sales network.

Family Farm & Home to Automate Supply Chain Planning with RELEX Solutions

Using RELEX’s machine learning, Family Farm & Home will significantly raise both forecast accuracy and service levels for all items in their assortment.

Atria Addresses Demand Fluctuation with RELEX’s “Superuser as a Service”

Atria, a leading food supplier throughout the Nordics, has turned to RELEX’s “Superuser as a service” offering to ensure supply chain stability in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Henderson Group Goes Live with RELEX Solutions to Manage Forecasting and Replenishment

With the introduction of RELEX's advanced machine learning, Henderson Group will reduce waste and the number of inventory days.

Matas Unifies Supply Chain and Space Planning with RELEX

Matas, a RELEX customer since 2019, is expanding its partnership with RELEX Solutions to include space and planogram optimization.

Panda Retail Selects RELEX to Provide an Integrated Supply Chain Solution

Panda Retail announced today that it has chosen RELEX to automate and optimize their demand planning and replenishment processes.

Lagardère Travel Retail Selects RELEX Solutions to Optimize Forecasting and Replenishment

Lagardère Travel Retail has partnered with RELEX to improve forecasting and replenishment at its distribution centers.

Gourmet Egypt Partners with RELEX to Improve Freshness and Reduce Waste of its Premium Foods

The premium food supplier has chosen RELEX’s forecasting and replenishment solution to increase availability, reduce waste, and improve the quality of its fresh foods. Meets Rapidly Growing Demand with the Help of RELEX

Denmark's largest online supermarket partners with RELEX Solutions to manage increasing demand for online groceries.

East of England Co-op Expands its use of RELEX by Looking at Forecasting and Replenishment

East of England Co-op to improve its forecasting and replenishment, promotion planning, fresh produce management and supplier collaboration with RELEX.

PLUS Retail Selects RELEX Solutions to Optimize Operations & Integrate Core Processes in Grocery Retail Planning

A leading Dutch co-operative with around 270 supermarkets has chosen to partner with RELEX to integrate space planning with forecasting and replenishment.