RELEX, Europe’s fastest growing supply chain software company, is expanding into the UK.

The Helsinki based outfit has built a loyal client base amongst northern Europe’s leading businesses by word of mouth, with its transparent pricing and highly flexible software designed for customers to adapt to every change in their needs.

RELEX offers demand forecasting, replenishment ordering, inventory optimization, allocation, promotion management, assortment management, seasonal forecasting and management, real-time analytics, and delivery load optimisation.

RELEX can give clients a realistic indication of both price and schedule at the first meeting. RELEX offers a clear path towards implementation starting with a pre-study simulation running the client’s existing data though RELEX’s systems, then a full pilot within part of their operations allowing them to see real, measurable results before giving final approval.

With implementation typically taking three months and full ROI just months later, it’s little wonder that RELEX made Deloitte’s EMEA Tech Fast500 list (#66 overall, #14 software company).

“We knew from the outset that clients would need to be able to adapt and change our systems at will,” says co-founder Johanna Smaros, “That agility means the software can be configured at every level and at every stage so our clients don’t need to come back to us every time their business changes or when they need the system to report or analyse data in a particular way.”

“We know that companies see software projects as risky. So at every step we aim to eliminate as much risk as possible. The pre-study allows clients to see how our systems would work with their operations, the pilot gives them a live model that can be configured and customised to their precise needs. By the time they give final approval they know they’ll get just what they need and they’ll have a guaranteed price. There are no nasty surprises.”

Founded in 2005 by three senior logistics scientists from Helsinki University of Technology’s well known management science department, RELEX has already established itself as Scandinavia’s leading solution provider to tier-one companies, with clients turning over up to £4Bn p.a.

Years of research carried out in partnership with leading businesses across one of Europe’s toughest logistics and replenishment environments have been poured into the company’s ground-breaking software.

“We can improve and in many cases fully automate every stage of the replenishment process,” says co-founder Mikko Kärkkäinen. “We reduce our customers’ inventory, we increase shelf availability of their products, we cut the risk of overstocks and redundant or obsolete goods, we cuts costs, we liberate staff time, we increase profit margins, we increase profitability.”

Mikko says “In over six years we haven’t lost a single customer. Not one. One potential client decided not to proceed after the pilot stage – but that’s it. Everyone else who has started a pilot with us became a client and is still a client.”