– Results Speak for Themselves


RELEX has been working with food wholesalers across Europe and the results tell their own story. Spoilage cut by as much as 40%, inventory by 30%, availability up to over 99%, staff time spent on routine replenishment ordering down 50%+, non performing lines reduced, campaigns improved, profits up. It’s not rocket science; it’s the product of good practice and good technology.

Now RELEX has launched a campaign to share best practice with food wholesalers to help them thrive in a highly competitive market. When it comes to availability wholesalers walk a tightrope; understock and risk losing sales; overstock and face real problems with spoilage. A wholesaler’s customers are understandably demanding; their businesses rely on good availability and fast turnaround times. Meanwhile suppliers typically have different lead times and levels of reliability.

RELEX’s campaign is focused on helping food wholesalers tackle these challenges. There will be white papers, case studies and webinars, providing ideas to make wholesalers’ business as efficient as possible. In our first white paper, we took a look at the tools that the latest technology offers to help manage the increasing scale and complexity of the food wholesale sector. These include sophisticated demand forecasting, supply chain analytics, inventory optimisation, allocation, campaign management, assortment management, seasonal forecasting and management, and delivery load optimisation.

During the course of the campaign we’ll be sharing ideas and examples of best practice that we’ve garnered from working with food wholesalers from Estonia to Enfield. We’ve solved a lot of problems and we’re confident we can help you solve yours too.

We will be exploring the latest advances in demand forecasting, inventory management and order optimization that help food wholesalers manage their supply chains more efficiently and so offer customers better service at lower cost.

Over the coming months the campaign will have a look at various aspects, including how to:

1. Develop your demand forecasting and inventory management and actually involve your customers in the process

2. Work quicker and work smarter in an ever faster moving wholesale business; gain time through forecasting but retain the ability to react in real-time

3. Improve margins and increase supply chain efficiency through more sophisticated promotion management and forecasting methodology

4. Manage your suppliers’ delivery rules better and save money twice over – through efficiency and effectiveness

5. Leverage batch level inventory balances and first-in-first out warehouse management by combining them with an intelligent planning solution to help you save real money

6. Make your inventory management more efficient by segregating service-level goals through prioritising customers and products

7. Manage multivendor products intelligently to increase your bottom line

8. Develop the different skill-sets needed for customer-focused demand planning and inventory management, and organise your business around it

9. Bring powerful tools to control your complex supply chain together with a simple-to-use interface in a single system