The strategic objectives of Cloetta Fazer in the area of production are improved efficiency and the unification of operations. To achieve these objectives, Cloetta Fazer has initiated a corporation-wide project focusing on sales forecasting. The project aims to secure and increase the delivery accuracy of Cloetta Fazer especially for novelties and campaign products. Enhanced sales forecasting is key to achieving this goal.

RELEX was selected for the project due to the company’s substantial knowledge of sales forecasting and experience of the retail environment.


Cloetta Fazer is the leading chocolate and sweets manufacturer in the Nordic countries. The most important market areas are Finland, Sweden, Norway, Poland, Denmark, the Baltic countries, and Russia. Two of the company’s manufacturing plants are situated in Finland and one in Sweden. More information on the company is available at:

Retail Logistics Excellence – RELEX is a company providing software and consulting services related to logistics and supply chain management. RELEX’s experts have solid experience of developing forecasting processes and applying mathematical forecasting models.