Sonja Rajala, one of a number of gifted, rising stars at RELEX Solutions, has shone at the PANDA YOUNG TALENT competition in Berlin on April 18th. From a select group of 100 talented young leaders, Project Manager Sonja took an impressive third place.

Born in Finland, Sonja was an outstanding economics student at Hannover University where she won a number of scholarships and, as a result, speaks fluent German. Together with her experience and personality it has made her an ideal addition to RELEX’s team of experts supporting the company’s German clients.
However, it was Sonja’s role as co-founder of the “Aalto Women in Business” network, which lead to her being recommended for PANDA YOUNG TALENT.

The competition is aimed at recognising the achievements of young female leaders with up to four years of work experience. Following a day full of leadership role-playing, workshops and discussion, all 100 hand-picked participants voted for their favourite candidates. A jury of seasoned experts shortlisted the best 3 out of the democratically elected top 10.


Sonja is delighted at the outcome. “This has been a very rewarding experience. Meeting all these talented, young women gives me even more inspiration for my work in building business networks. It’s like Madeleine Albright said: ‘There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.’”

For Sonja‘s colleagues at RELEX Solutions her success doesn’t come as a surprise: “From day one, Sonja has shown great initiative and flexibility, and makes a big contribution to our team spirit. It’s co-workers like her that make RELEX the success that it is,” says Tuomo Pesonen, COO at RELEX.

“From day one, Sonja has shown great initiative and flexibility. It’s co-workers like her that make RELEX the success that it is.”

RELEX Solutions has a track record of hiring only the brightest and most dedicated candidates. Once aboard, recruits to the company’s various international offices are brought up to speed with an initial coaching programme over several months at its Helsinki headquarters. Personal and career development is a central part of RELEX’s work culture and employees are encouraged to take initiative to grow into more responsible roles.

“We don’t just hire the best and brightest, we also make sure they get the guidance and development opportunities they need,” says Pesonen. “Our clients deserve the high level of expertise and commitment RELEX is known for. We hire highly motivated people, we help encourage that motivation further and our colleagues, the company and our customers reap the benefits.”