RELEX’s annual Stockholm seminar took place on April 24th with a focus on Unified Retail Planning. More than 160 retail and supply chain professionals from 60 companies attended.

The seminar topics covered opportunities and challenges in the fast-changing retail environment and focused on how retailers can differentiate and become more efficient by breaking down silos within the organization.

Joel Johansson from RELEX Solutions presented the opportunities within Unified Retail Planning and discussed how to attain long-term efficiency gains by breaking out of retail’s functional silos and collaborating across departments within the organization. “With small margins, big logistical flows and tough competition, retailers need to streamline and optimize all of their processes and especially, make sure they work together,” said Johansson.

The seminar was hosted by RELEX’s Project Managers Mia Lindh and Joakim Hellman

Joel Johansson, RELEX Solutions

The discussion continued with a presentation from Cervera, Sweden’s leading chain of quality products for kitchen and home furnishings. Beatrize Fellenius and Victor Jakobsson from Cervera explained how they have developed their processes to meet future demand and strengthen customer-centricity. During the presentation, Cervera spoke about their journey with RELEX and how the system supports them in managing their supply chain more efficiently.

RELEX had the pleasure of welcoming Torkel Martinsson and Martin Svensson from Derome on stage to discuss with Joel Johansson about managing change when implementing systems. Derome, Sweden’s biggest family-owned timber business, chose RELEX in 2016 to support its rapid growth. Martinsson and Svensson gave great insights into what to think about when implementing systems and how their change management process lead to success – from building the project team and setting expectations, to how their way of working has changed and how they work today.

Beatriz Fellenius and Victor Jakobsson, Cervera

Torkel Martinsson and Martin Svensson, Derome

Emma Helldin and Markus Törnberg from Swedish retail chain Jula gave a presentation about managing seasons and promotions. Jula has managed to set up efficient processes for working with both seasons and promotions and discussed the importance of setting clear goals and working closely together within the organization. Helldin and Törnberg shared their way of working and gave tips on how retailers can set up successful processes in order to reach organizational goals.

Before ending the day, Douglas Auvinen from RELEX Solutions gave a presentation on workforce optimization and how technology can support the planning of staff shifts by applying accurate forecast data. RELEX has invested in Zenopt’s advanced workforce optimization system to help retailers plan their staffing needs better allowing them to reduce costs while improving customer service. “Smart optimization makes it easy to plan shifts around staffing requirements, staff members’ competencies and their availability. It results in the workload being more evenly distributed which in turn leads to employers saving money and customers finding there are people free to help them. Everybody wins.” said Auvinen.

Emma Helldin and Markus Törnberg, Jula

Douglas Auvinen, RELEX Solutions