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Buying Software Is Child’s Play

Mar 3, 2015 3 min

How Does RELEX Actually Do Business?

One weekend I was driving with my 9-year old son to do some shopping for our renovation project at home, when he all of a sudden started to ask me about how we actually do business at RELEX.

“So dad, when you are selling RELEX, who do you talk to? I mean, do you talk to the bosses or the workers of the companies or to whom…?” I was pleased to note that he understood very well that it’s actually between people and not between companies where deals are made, and started to describe to him that we often talk to lots of people, the bosses who make the decisions and to several experts who help the bosses to check how good our software is so that they together know to appreciate the value of our system in their daily work.

“Oh, does it cost a lot then, the software? How much is it? Like several millions, or thousands?” I was still thinking about how to answer this in a concise playground-compatible manner and mumbling something about it depends on the extent of use, when he went on: “Or, can you try it before you buy it?” Not bad! I told him, that we actually are a bit different in that we let our customers test run the system before they need to pay the full price of the software.

He seemed happy with the answer for a while, but asked then: “What if you don’t have enough money to buy RELEX, like, you only have some thousands of euros. Do you then do it so that you don’t need to pay the full price directly, so that you can first save some money and then pay more?” I had never thought of it exactly in these terms, but I told him that that’s about how our service model works, you pay monthly smaller sums and save a lot of money at the same time. I wasn’t sure how deep I should go in this topic, but he summed it up for me: “So it’s like ‘buy now – pay later’? That should then be easy to buy for the bosses as well!”

Apart for one last comment he made, at that point, it seemed that the case was closed for him, since he went on rattling about a game of Minecraft that he had played with his friends earlier the day and was planning to resume the next weekend. It involved diamond armor and building some kinds of tricky defenses against a bunch of creepers, endermen, or such.

It might be that my son is exceptionally intelligent (and of course, I for one am fully certain that he is) or – regardless of that – it also might be that the way we at RELEX have been offering the software is so fair and intuitive that even a 9-year old sees it as a preferred model. His last comment was: “Hmm, why would you want to buy it any other way?”

Hmm, why would you? It’s much nicer to do a fast decision for testing at very low risk, and then focus on issues of much more fun, like planning a good game with your friends.

Written by

Timo Ala-Risku

Managing Director, RELEX Solutions GmbH