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Smart ordering

Smart Ordering – Going Beyond Smart Inventory Management

Optimizing your replenishment isn’t just about keeping the right items in stock. It’s also about perfecting your buying.

Germany vs. the UK in retail supply chains

Germany Vs. the UK – Which Has the Best Retail Supply Chains?

If there’s one nation in Europe with whom the British are given to comparing themselves it’s the Germans.

Fresh food

How to Master Fresh Foods Supply Chain Capacity Planning

Once you understand how much will be sold on each day, the next step is to guarantee that the demand can be fulfilled, and in case of any problems, what actions are needed to ensure...

Trucks on a road

How to Balance Global and Local Sourcing for Maximum Profit

What's the optimal balance between short- and long-distance procurement? Find out how to compare and combine the two worlds.


Forecasting for Different Online Delivery Methods

The more delivery options you offer the more complex the supply chain becomes, and that complexity also has implications for the planning side of things.

ecomm blog series

How to Balance Stock Between Online and Stores

With the rise of e-commerce many traditional retailers have established an online channel to complement their core businesses.

Supply Chain Planning in Online Retail

Forecasting Product Returns

As almost every etailer and retailer with an online operations knows all too well, product returns are a costly headache that simply have to be taken care of.

Supply chain planning in online retail part 3

How to Use Richer Data for Better Supply Chain Planning in Online Retail

Bringing product view or customer behaviour data from website into your supply chain planning and analytics tool can be very useful.

Supply chain planning in online retail part 2

Assortment Planning for Online Retail

Traditional inventory management limits as to what you can sell, and what you can’t, no longer apply in e-commerce.

Supply chain planning in online retail part 1

Supply Chain Planning in Online Retail

I’m often asked how online retail affects supply chain planning. Although the basic rules are the same, there are indeed a number of differences.

Predict the Unpredictable in Supply Chain Management

People are fickle, not wholly rational and make different decisions at different times. However, people are predictable in most of their buying decisions.

How Can a Retailer Create Meaningful Forecasts for New Products?

How does one create meaningful forecasts for new products when there is no sales history at all?

Does Demand Forecasting for Promotions Have to Be This Difficult?

Demand forecasting for promotions is a major challenge for retailers, not least because of the impact it has on driving sales.

Top Challenges in Demand Forecasting

Forecasting future demand successfully is difficult. Find out from our blog what the big retailers listed as their hardest challenges.

Stock Availability Versus Stock Value – What’s the Trade-off?

One of the most established assumptions in inventory management is that stock holding needs to rise steeply as you increase availability.

JJ Food Service: Agile RELEX implementation

Mushtaque Ahmed, COO at JJ Food Service, discusses his experiences about RELEX implementation process and the first results.

When to Use Manual Forecasting or Forecast Corrections

Manual forecasting generally produces results whose accuracy is, rather questionable. However it can be of benefit in certain situations.


Everything You Wanted to Know About the RELEX Business Rules Engine

In this whitepaper we show how our business rules engine works, and introduce best practices for using it.


Supply Chain Planning Challenge Facing Mid-market Retailers

Supply chain planning is particularly challenging for mid-market retailers encountering all the same complexities as big retailers.

What Is the Biggest Cost in Your Business?

What is the biggest cost in your business? It may seem obvious but this message is as true today as it was all those years ago.

Where Should a Retailer Spend Its Technology Budget?

With spending on IT coming under more pressure, not necessarily because of reduction in budgets but more from the increasing number of projects a CTO is faced with, where should a company focus its...


With SaaS SCM Solutions Offering Speed, Agility and No Tie-ins It’s Time to Leave the RFP Behind

With SaaS SCM solutions offering speed, agility and no tie-ins it’s time to leave the RFP behind. Read the whitepaper by Mikko Kärkkäinen, CEO of RELEX.

Demand Forecasting and Planning in Retail

Does your company do ‘demand forecasting’ or ‘demand planning’? Both are needed in supply chain management, but what are their differences?

Town in winter

Managing the Christmas Supply Chain

In this whitepaper we take a look at how to optimize for the holiday season and draw lessons for year-round seasonal management.