At RELEX, we’ve accumulated a great deal of retail expertise from among the ranks of our more than 800 retail planning specialists. Pick our brains by diving into the resources our experts have authored — from blogs and whitepapers to guides, reports, and videos.

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Are You Ready for a Return to In-Store Shopping?

While retailers may have temporarily shifted to focus on managing online sales, it’s time to get ready for the fresh opportunities that returning foot traffic will bring.

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Why Markdown Optimization Is Essential to Store Reopening Strategies

If your brick-and-mortar stores are currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions, markdown should be an integral part of your strategy to return to profitability.

Store Closures and Demand Decreases: Learning from the Past to Plan for the Future

Learnings from the past crises are applied to help retailers facing store closures and demand decreases plan for the future after the pandemic.

The Forrester Wave™: Retail Planning, Q1 2020

In Forrester's 20-criteria evaluation of retail planning providers, they identified the 12 most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them - among these RELEX Solutions.

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Six Improvement Areas Before the Next Supply Chain Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has made clear that retailers, almost without exception, must make supply chain improvement an urgent priority going forward.

The New Normal in Ecommerce after COVID-19

Long-term implications of COVID-19 in ecommerce: Increased online sales, new partnerships and improved online fulfilment capabilities.

How RELEX Has Helped Italian Customers Weather the Coronavirus Crisis

Our Italian country director shares his insights on how Italian customers faced the Coronavirus crisis and how RELEX helped them along the way.

The Short-Term Strategy: Managing an Increase in Your Online Orders

While a sudden growth in online sales presents an opportunity to recoup lost in-store sales, it also poses a significant operational and logistical challenge.

Strategies to Address Demand Variation between Essential and Nonessential Goods

RELEX’s best practices for managing demand for essential and nonessential items within a single environment during these unusual demand patterns.

Q&A: Demand Forecasting When Demand Goes Crazy

Winsight Grocery Buisness interviewed our co-founder Michael about how a lean supply chain can recover from sudden demand increases.

Strategies to Meet Coronavirus Demand Increases Despite Inventory Scarcity

Retailers must maintain transparent, proactive relationships with their suppliers if they hope to maintain availability during coronavirus demand increases.

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Effectively Managing Demand Increases from the Coronavirus

No system, no matter how advanced, can accurately automate calculations when there’s no historical precedent on which to model forecasting.

Study Highlights Four Grocery Businesses Improving Retail Sustainability

Fresh items attract customers, yet grocers lose over 1,5 percent of revenue to food waste. Waste reduction is not just about sustainability, but it also contributes to a healthier balance sheet.

Make a Difference: Cutting Food Waste and Carbon Footprint through Optimized Forecasting and Replenishment

This study outlines how our four customers have led the charge toward environmentally responsible business practices while significantly improving both operations and cost-effectiveness.

Improving Operational Efficiency through Workforce Optimization

Workforce optimization goes beyond just management, and uses both data and automation to improve scheduling.

Managing the Intricacies of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables in Grocery Retail

Ultra-fresh products like fruits and vegetables have some unique challenges, but they also comprise one of the largest revenue streams and opportunity centers.


Will Endless Aisles and Better Supply Chain Management Negate Amazon’s Edge?

After the 2019 holiday season, it's time to look what went right and what didn't, and take these learnings for the next season.

RELEX’s Retail Trend Predictions for 2020

We predicted what could be the retail trends for 2020: increased focus on sustainability, AI growing ubiquitous, turbulence in the retail landscape, and more.

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2019: RELEX’s Year in Review

Our Michael reminisces the year 2019 with its unprecedented achievements, fun moments and new additions to our global RELEX family.

Study of American Grocers Uncovers Opportunity in Competitive Market

RELEX and EnsembleIQ surveyed leading North American grocers to understand how they view today’s competitive grocery market.

Grocery Retail Report 2020

Grocery Retail Report 2020

RELEX and EnsembleIQ surveyed leading North American grocers to understand how they view today’s grocery market and what key initiatives they are planning to improve their retail and supply chain planning operations.

Optimizing Inventory Management for Online Retail

Online retailers need to make smart, data-based decisions on what to stock and what not, to manage their large catalogues of items available.

AI Needs to Be More than Just a Bright, Shiny Object

Rather than shifting tasks to customers, AI is put to best use by automating repetitive tasks to free up retail personnel for higher-value and customer-centric work.

The Impact of Urbanization in the Age of Living Retail

Retail is about people: what we need, what we want, and where and how we live. That’s why significant innovations always have and always will mirror demographic trends, such as rapid urbanization.