At RELEX, we’ve accumulated a great deal of retail expertise from among the ranks of our more than 800 retail planning specialists. Pick our brains by diving into the resources our experts have authored — from blogs and whitepapers to guides, reports, and videos.

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RELEX’s Retail Trend Predictions for 2020

We predicted what could be the retail trends for 2020: increased focus on sustainability, AI growing ubiquitous, turbulence in the retail landscape, and more.

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2019: RELEX’s Year in Review

Our Michael reminisces the year 2019 with its unprecedented achievements, fun moments and new additions to our global RELEX family.

Study of American Grocers Uncovers Opportunity in Competitive Market

RELEX and EnsembleIQ surveyed leading North American grocers to understand how they view today’s competitive grocery market.

Grocery Retail Report 2020

Grocery Retail Report 2020

RELEX and EnsembleIQ surveyed leading North American grocers to understand how they view today’s grocery market and what key initiatives they are planning to improve their retail and supply chain planning operations.

Optimizing Inventory Management for Online Retail

Online retailers need to make smart, data-based decisions on what to stock and what not, to manage their large catalogues of items available.

AI Needs to Be More than Just a Bright, Shiny Object

Rather than shifting tasks to customers, AI is put to best use by automating repetitive tasks to free up retail personnel for higher-value and customer-centric work.

The Impact of Urbanization in the Age of Living Retail

Retail is about people: what we need, what we want, and where and how we live. That’s why significant innovations always have and always will mirror demographic trends, such as rapid urbanization.

Customer Voice: Towards Forecast-based Workforce Optimization

In this blog, our customer Stockmann’s Head of HR Services and Digitalization and Shift Planners Team Lead discuss the changing dynamics in retail workforce management.

Food Waste Reduction Demands New Supply Chain Solutions

Where there is challenge, there is always opportunity. All grocers with waste reduction goals should take a serious look at the benefits of an integrated supply chain.

Change Agents in the Age of Living Retail: The Power Shift

In the second part of this blog series, we discuss how retailers can effectively address one of the major change agents in the age of Living Retail: a power shift toward the consumer.

The Age of Living Retail: Staying Ahead when Change is the Only Constant

Living Retail is a state of constant flux, and retailers must plan for every possible future they might encounter — not just the static vision of the future they’re predicting today.

How to Convince Your CIO to Embark on Your Retail Planning Project

We interviewed a few CIOs to see what they thought were the corner stones of new system implementations and wrote down the recurring themes concerning retail planning.


Stochastic Planning for More Resilient and Cost-Effective Supply Chains

Stochastic planning has been presented as a result for tackling uncertainty in supply chains. Our whitepaper explains what it is and when and how to use it.

Recapture Sales from Digital Players by Improving Out-of-Stocks

Traditional retailers can recapture sales from digital players who have significantly lower service levels by ensuring great availability in stores.

Making the Most of Markdowns

Markdowns cost retailers billions, yet they are essential in the world of retail. To make most of it, retailers need to maximize margin and avoid excess stock.

CIOs’ Learnings from Implementing Retail Planning Software

We sat down with three CIOs and asked them about their RELEX implementation projects. What advice would they give to companies starting a similar project?

Frictionless Retail and the New Grocery Supply Chain

Running a grocery business has changed fundamentally: The days of working on intuition have passed, and the days of data analytics and frictionless retail are here.


Machine Learning in the Context of Retail Demand Forecasting

Retail is impacted by many factors, such as weather and cannibalization, that can be taken into account with the help of machine learning.

Mastering Demand Forecasting of Short Lifecycle Products

This white paper shows how accurately forecasting for short lifecycle products is possible through intelligent statistical modeling that uses data from previous product introductions.

Artificial Intelligence Drives More Efficient Goods Handling in Retail

Using AI to optimize main replenishment days enables more efficient goods handling and store operations in retail distribution.

Pragmatic AI for Better Retail Decisions

With AI hype going on, many forget that AI doesn't matter, but the results do. We now use pragmatic AI when describing how we use data for better decisions.

Decision Science and Pragmatic AI in Retail

Most retailers are rich in data, but access to data does not automatically enable retailers to make better decisions faster. This is where decision science steps in.

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MIT Research: The Effects of Dynamic Safety Stocks on Inventory and Service Levels

RELEX was used to simulate the dynamic safety stock levels and their effects on inventory and service levels in MIT research.

Overcome Challenges in Managing Product Assortment in Drug Stores

Years ago, a store may have stocked between 7,000 and 8,000 over-the-counter SKUs. Today, retailers have to account for and optimize anywhere between 15,000 and 20,000 SKUs.