At RELEX, we’ve accumulated a great deal of retail expertise from among the ranks of our more than 800 retail planning specialists. Pick our brains by diving into the resources our experts have authored — from blogs and whitepapers to guides, reports, and videos.

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Webinar: Growing and Sustaining Competitive Advantage in Grocery Retail

Listen to industry experts discussing recent survey results and sharing thoughts on what grocers can do to thrive in today’s dynamic market.

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It’s in Grocers’ Best Interest to Address Food Waste Now

Does corporate responsibility end with the spreadsheet, or do grocers have a second set of responsibilities – to the customers and the earth providing the goods?

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Winning the Food Fight: Best Practices for Managing Grocery Retail Supply Chains

This best practice guide highlights the key approaches for increasing responsiveness and efficiency in grocery retail supply chains.

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State of the Retail Supply Chain 2018

Our annual ‘State of the Retail Supply Chain’ report identifies several areas where we believe retailers could improve their operational efficiencies based on deficiencies they have highlighted.

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Are You Wasting Time and Money on a Poorly Integrated Supply Chain?

16 % of large US grocery retailers still base their distribution center forecasts on historical data on outbound deliveries from these distribution centers. This is akin to driving a car while looking into the rearview...

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Seasonal Inventory Management – Planning for Halloween

Halloween has become a major opportunity for retailers to grow their business. In the US alone, the total spending for Halloween is expected to reach $9 billion this year.

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How to Choose a Supply Chain Planning System

Choosing a supply chain planning system isn’t easy. That's why we've listed some things to consider if you’re going to transform your supply chain planning.

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Why Category Management Should Always Start with Behavioral Clustering

This whitepaper explores different clustering approaches, the benefits of using behavioral clustering and tailoring assortment and space with customer demand.

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Key Themes in Grocery Retail – a Recap of RELEX’s Second Grocery Forum

Earlier in September, representatives from 15 of the biggest grocery retailers across Europe, gathered at RELEX's Grocery Forum to discuss the future of unified retail planning.

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Pushing the Boundaries of Data Processing Requires Specialization

Great data processing delivers great business value. Still, RELEX is one of few solution providers that has developed own database and database engine.

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Fresh Food Replenishment Key to Improved Profitability in Grocery Retail

The biggest difference in automating replenishment of fresh products in comparison to center-store products is the increased importance of planning accuracy.

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The Importance of Accurate Forecasts in Omnichannel Grocery Retail

Accurate forecasting is at the core of increased operational efficiency as it is key to accurately match resources, such as stock and personnel, with demand.

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Study Highlights Opportunities for Grocers to Reduce Food Spoilage

We surveyed leading North American grocers and compiled the key results in a study titled 'Growing and Sustaining Competitive Advantage in Grocery Retail'.

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Grocery Retail Report Cover

Grocery Retail Report 2018

RELEX and Elastic Solutions surveyed leading North American grocers to understand how they view today’s grocery market and what key retail and supply chain planning initiatives they are undertaking to build and sustain a competitive...

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Three High-impact Areas and Easy Wins in Grocery Retail Supply Chains

A supply chain is always a work in progress. You can optimize it so it’s running as close to perfect as possible and then circumstances change.

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How to Improve Customer-Centricity with In-Store Assortment Collaboration

While category insight data is widely used to aid the production of more customer-focused assortments, many retailers fail to leverage the knowledge of those closest to the customer – the local store staff.

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Three Leading German and Swiss Companies Spoke about Why They Chose RELEX Solutions

Representatives of 3 leading German and Swiss companies, WIV Wein International, Galexis and, were asked why they chose RELEX Solutions.

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The Benefits of Optimizing your Store Replenishment Process

The efficiency of a business’s store replenishment operation has a major impact on profitability. Yet, it's often overshadowed by higher profile activities such as buying, merchandising and marketing.

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Benefit from Forecast Data in Your Planograms

During my almost seven years working with space planning, I’ve faced almost every question there is to ask around the topic. One, however, seems to come up constantly “Can we use forecast data when making...

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Best Practices in Weather-based Sales Forecasting

Predicting weather is not easy and rapid changes in weather can cause consumers to suddenly shop or cease to shop for specific products, which can quickly become costly for a retailer.

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Four Ways the UK Retail Supply Chain Differs From the Rest of Europe

The wide State of the Retail Supply Chain study conducted in 2017 by Martec International indicates that, in many areas, UK and Irish retailers are ahead of their European counterparts.

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Grocery Retail in 2018

Many of the same trends we’ve seen in 2017 will continue in 2018 alongside new challenges and opportunities. We’ve listed the five most interesting trends that grocery retailers can expect in 2018.

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Clearance sign at a store

Considering Cannibalization and Halo Effects to Improve Demand Forecasts

Sales promotion of one product impacts not only the sales of that product, but also products not in promotion.

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The Christmas Supply Chain Infographic

Managing seasons and public holidays is a never-ending task for retailers. To address this deficit, we have created an infographic illustrating how a successful Christmas supply chain should be managed.

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