At RELEX, we’ve accumulated a great deal of retail expertise from among the ranks of our more than 800 retail planning specialists. Pick our brains by diving into the resources our experts have authored — from blogs and whitepapers to guides, reports, and videos.

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Survival of the nimblest webinar recording

Survival of the Nimblest – How Adaptation is Key to Success

Our CEO Mikko explores how retailers have survived – and even thrived – during the ongoing coronavirus crisis by being nimble and adaptable.

Unified planning webinar recording

Unified Planning for Better, Smarter, Faster Decisions

The future of retail planning is unified. Find out how RELEX Living Retail Platform has helped retailers break down the barriers between supply chain, space, and workforce planning.

AI webinar recording

How AI Is Driving Retail Agility in Rapidly Changing Times

Our expert Greg Wilson explains RELEX's pragmatic approach to AI and how we build practical applications for machine learning into our retail planning solutions.

Panel discussion webinar recording

Panel Discussion: The Future of Retail

What key aspects changed for retailers during COVID-19 and after? How are retailers scaling their business for future crisis situations? Hear the answers in this panel discussion hosted by Caroline Baldwin from Essential Retail.

Leroy Merlin Italy webinar recording

Leroy Merlin Italy: Supply Chain Digitalization: The Importance of End-to-End Visibility and Capacity Planning

Home improvement retailer shares how they’ve leveraged advanced planning software into improved visibility that’s driving performance improvements throughout their supply chain.

Musti Group webinar recording

Musti Group: Successful Long-Term Business Development: Key Learnings from a Multinational Growth Company

The leading pet care company in the Nordics discusses the benefits and key learnings in process development, advanced supply chain management, and markdown optimization.

Morrisons webinar recording

Morrisons: Managing the Grocery Retail Supply Chain

Learn how one of the UK’s largest supermarket chains is improving capacity awareness and automatically resolving real-life constraints in their retail supply chain.

The Vitamin Shoppe webinar recording

The Vitamin Shoppe: Optimizing Omni-Channel Inventory

Leading nutritional products retailer in the U.S., The Vitamin Shoppe is driving improvements to omni-channel fulfillment through a sharp focus on supply chain visibility.

99 Cents Only Stores

99 Cents Only Stores: A Fresh Perspective on the Supply Chain

Find out how the American price-point retailer is using AI-driven automation to drive availability, reduce spoilage, and maintain a competitive edge in a notoriously low-margin environment.

Demand Forecasting in Retail

Demand Forecasting in Retail: The Complete Guide

This guide provides a strong foundation for demand forecasting best practices in the retail environment.

Webinar Recap: Unleash the Potential of AI-Driven Workforce Optimization in Retail Stores

With a modern, AI-driven workforce optimization solution in place, today’s retailers are able to use workload forecasts to automate and efficiently improve the accuracy of this vital planning work.

Webinar recording

Unleash the potential of AI-driven workforce optimization in retail stores

In this webinar, RELEX’s experts will share insights on how to optimize and automate workforce planning in stores, increase efficiency, and provide better flexibility and engagement for employees.

Introducing RELEX Live: Global Retail Summit

We’ve pulled together some of our favorite resources on the topics that presenters will engage with throughout the RELEX Live sessions on September 23.

Hurricane Management: Best Practices for DIY Retailers After Unpredictable Events

It is nearly impossible to fully automate processes for exceptional demand periods like those caused by hurricanes. Instead, planners must take a hands-on, localized approach to hurricane management.

The Art and Science of Markdowns: Collaborative Merchandising and Inventory Planning

Retailers can bridge the gaps between their supply chain and merchandising teams using shared forecasts to improve markdown performance.

Data-Driven Workforce Optimization Is Fueled with Accurate Forecasts

Workforce optimization helps ensure that every shift is filled with not only an adequate number of people to avoid over- or under-staffing but also the right people.

The “New Normal” Requires Sharper Attention to Supply Chain Analytics

Pharmacy retailers can take advantage of a unified tech solution to ensure they can meet the rapidly changing demand during the coronavirus crisis.

Study Examines How Grocery Supply Chains Survived the First Wave of COVID-19

A study finds two goals for companies to survive COVID-19: maintaining high availability, and preventing a bullwhip effect where an initial demand spike triggers too much ordering and production.

Webinar Recap: Machine Learning in Retail Demand Forecasting

Retailers need to understand that machine learning is more than just a buzzy term – it is a tool that can be used to drive specific business benefits.

Introducing RELEX Labs

Welcome to RELEX Labs, our research engine at the core of our company working closely with our customers to develop the future of retail optimization.

Machine Learning in Retail Demand Forecasting

In this webinar, our our data scientists and retail planning experts explain what machine learning is, what kind of challenges it solves, and why so many retailers today are transitioning toward machine learning-based demand forecasting.

Dark woods

Is the Future of Retailing Going Dark?

Dark stores are a cost-effective way to shorten delivery times on online orders and give retailers the ability to make more strategic inventory choices by location.

Today’s Workforce Optimization Software: Matching Tasks, Talent, and Timing

Today’s store managers face the challenge of creating shift schedules that satisfy 3 things at the same time: matching shifts to forecast workload, complying with all rules and restrictions, and aligning shifts with employee requirements.

How to Benefit from AI in Retail Optimization

Accurate, AI-driven forecasts can be leveraged to drive exponential benefits throughout retail operations, for example through workforce, replenishment or markdown optimization.