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New Ways to Leverage Space in Promotional Planning & Execution

Delaney's thoughts about the advances being made in combining the planning of promotions and planograms and how RELEX is supporting retailers to make their work easier, more efficient, and more valuable.

3 ways for retailers to fight inflation woes using promotion planning

The blog explores 3 major ways promotion planning can help retailers provide value to their customers and appeal to their shifting spending habits.

3 typical promotion challenges – and how to solve them

In this blog, our expert discusses three typical promotion challenges and provides some tips to help you avoid promotion pitfalls and avoid risking already tight margins.

3 major causes of waste in the food supply chain

This blog discusses the top causes of waste across the food supply chain and how technology can help grocery stores meet customer needs while reducing food waste and ultimately cutting their footprint.

Retail space planning

Retail space planning: Building a business case for technology investment

This guide highlights the best practices for building a business case for store-specific space management technology investment.

Digitizing the Retail Supply Chain: How Pharmacity is Scaling up for Growth

The webinar discusses in-depth ways to anticipate product demand, optimize inventory management, and build supply chain visibility that are necessary for retailers to scale in a hypergrowth environment.

Customer Video: East of England Co-op

Susie Hallett and Rob Hawkins from East of England talk about their partnership with RELEX, implementing forecasting and replenishment during COVID, and the benefits of unifying space and supply chain planning. 

Seasonal Inventory Management – Planning for Halloween

It’s that time of year again – Halloween, a season when retailers promote everything from candy and pumpkins to costumes and decorations. While the season’s theme may be scary, Halloween shouldn’t frighten retailers.

Promotional Pain Points: Improving Campaigns and Reducing Profit Loss

The webinar discusses common pain points around promotion planning, how supply chain disruptions have affected cost worthiness, and how effective promotional campaigns can improve sales and reduce profit loss.

From Planograms to Realograms: How Emerging Technology is Transforming Merchandising and Planning

This webinar discusses how emerging technologies reduce costs and increase profitability for retailers and CPGs.

Prescription for pharmaceutical distribution: Keeping the balance between availability and speed of service with shifting models and regulations

This whitepaper explores the challenges faced by today's pharmaceutical distributors and best practices for overcoming them.

Prescription for pharmacy supply chain planning: Diagnosing pharmacy retail challenges and how advanced technology can solve them

In this whitepaper, you can deep dive into pharmacy retail's unique challenges and explore how advanced technology can solve them at a regional level.

Customer Video: Rite Aid

Dave King, Director of Visual Merchandising at Rite Aid, sat down at RELEX Live 2022 in Atlanta to share their experience in partnering with RELEX.

Empower store staff with RELEX On-the-Go 

In this demo video, we’ll take you through three practical use cases that demonstrate how RELEX helps improve the efficiency of store operations.

5 ways retail promotion planning software boosts profitability

This blog discusses how having a promotional planning solution can help retailers maximize profit, effectively evaluate promotion campaigns, and reduce errors in the promotion planning process.

Customer Video: Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a US-based e-commerce grocery retailer that has partnered with RELEX since 2020. In this video, Amy Maros sat down with us to share about their most recent project with RELEX.

Unified Retail Planning Demo

What does unified retail planning look like in practice? This demo video showcases the interplay between supply chain, merchandising, and workforce when planning Valentine's Day promotion.

Convenience Stores Need to Automate or Get Left Behind

To stay competitive, C-stores need a system that uses a single source of data to inform decisions about operational tasks while solving challenges related to staff, space, and inventory management.

How to Turn Local Teams into Highly Accurate Fresh Replenishment Experts: Using Technology to Augment Local Knowledge

US-based grocery retailers who combine the use of AI with their human experts see the benefits of a fully optimized fresh assortment – with more sales and less waste

Customer Video: Sprouts

Hear about the experience of Sprouts when partnering with RELEX and how an end-to-end supply chain solution has helped Sprouts improve their productivity and add value to the business.

Season's changing

More Efficient Seasonal Inventory Management

Seasonal inventory management is not easy. However, there are many companies who have managed to turn it from a problem into an opportunity.

Supply Chain Disruption: Cracking the Bullwhip in Asia-Pacific

In this webinar, Asia Pacific retailers and consumer brands can uncover the best practices on ways to tackle supply chain challenges and crack today’s bullwhip effect to better manage future uncertainties.

How Data Best Practices Can Improve Inventory Management and Forecast Accuracy 

Accurate inventory data is vital to optimal inventory management for every retailer. This blog spots four common causes of inventory data inaccuracies retailers should avoid.

Leveraging Machine Learning in Your Retail Demand Forecasting

In this webinar, RELEX experts share how machine learning can help retailers solve their most critical demand forecasting challenges.