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The “New Normal” Requires Sharper Attention to Supply Chain Analytics

Pharmacy retailers can take advantage of a unified tech solution to ensure they can meet the rapidly changing demand during the coronavirus crisis.

Study Examines How Grocery Supply Chains Survived the First Wave of COVID-19

A study finds two goals for companies to survive COVID-19: maintaining high availability, and preventing a bullwhip effect where an initial demand spike triggers too much ordering and production.

Webinar Recap: Machine Learning in Retail Demand Forecasting

Retailers need to understand that machine learning is more than just a buzzy term – it is a tool that can be used to drive specific business benefits.

Introducing RELEX Labs

Welcome to RELEX Labs, our research engine at the core of our company working closely with our customers to develop the future of retail optimization.

Machine Learning in Retail Demand Forecasting

In this webinar, our our data scientists and retail planning experts explain what machine learning is, what kind of challenges it solves, and why so many retailers today are transitioning toward machine learning-based demand forecasting.

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Is the Future of Retailing Going Dark?

Dark stores are a cost-effective way to shorten delivery times on online orders and give retailers the ability to make more strategic inventory choices by location.

Today’s Workforce Optimization Software: Matching Tasks, Talent, and Timing

Today’s store managers face the challenge of creating shift schedules that satisfy 3 things at the same time: matching shifts to forecast workload, complying with all rules and restrictions, and aligning shifts with employee requirements.

How to Benefit from AI in Retail Optimization

Accurate, AI-driven forecasts can be leveraged to drive exponential benefits throughout retail operations, for example through workforce, replenishment or markdown optimization.

Webinar Recap – Managing the Shift to Ecommerce

In our June webinar, our retail advisors discussed what retailers can do now to manage the growing ecommerce side of their business and how to prepare for the future.

Markdown Optimization: How Retailers Can Clear Stock While Maximizing Margin

This whitepaper lists the benefits of automated markdown optimization, as well as introduces a five-step guide for a well-planned markdown process.

Managing the Shift to Ecommerce

Our retail planning experts share insights and best practices on how to successfully manage the accelerated growth of online sales and set up adaptive ecommerce planning processes.

Webinar Recap – Make Better Use of Your Inventory and Maximize Your Sales

Now that the new phase of COVID-19 is starting with stores reopening and customer demand sifting retailers need to start thinking their markdown strategies.

Make Better Use of Your Inventory and Maximize Your Sales

Our markdown solution experts share insights on how to leverage markdown optimization to eliminate manual processes and significantly improve markdown performance.

Aligning the Management of Fresh and Center Store Products

This post provides ways to manage fresh and center store inventory that can cut costs, streamline supply chain management, and improve both efficiency and capacity.

The Complete Guide to Machine Learning in Retail Demand Forecasting

Retailers generate enormous amounts of data, meaning that machine learning technology quickly proves its value.

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Webinar Recap – The Retail Impact: Lessons Learned from the Global Health Crisis

The dramatic change in customer behavior was driven not by government restrictions but by media reports and the public’s overall perception of the pandemic.

The Retail Impact: Lessons Learned from the Global Health Crisis

In this Industry Talk Webinar, our CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen shares market learnings on what we’ve observed and strategies on how to use that insight to better prepare for the future.

The Long-Term Strategy: Transforming Operations for Sustained Online Growth

During the coronavirus crisis many businesses saw an increase in online ordering. This trend won't go away once the crisis has passed - people are discovering the convenience of online ordering.

Are You Ready for a Return to In-Store Shopping?

While retailers may have temporarily shifted to focus on managing online sales, it’s time to get ready for the fresh opportunities that returning foot traffic will bring.

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Why Markdown Optimization Is Essential to Store Reopening Strategies

If your brick-and-mortar stores are currently closed due to coronavirus restrictions, markdown should be an integral part of your strategy to return to profitability.

Store Closures and Demand Decreases: Learning from the Past to Plan for the Future

Learnings from the past crises are applied to help retailers facing store closures and demand decreases plan for the future after the pandemic.

The Forrester Wave™: Retail Planning, Q1 2020

In Forrester's 20-criteria evaluation of retail planning providers, they identified the 12 most significant ones and researched, analyzed, and scored them - among these RELEX Solutions.

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Six Improvement Areas Before the Next Supply Chain Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has made clear that retailers, almost without exception, must make supply chain improvement an urgent priority going forward.

The New Normal in Ecommerce after COVID-19

Long-term implications of COVID-19 in ecommerce: Increased online sales, new partnerships and improved online fulfilment capabilities.