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Town in winter

Managing the Christmas Supply Chain

In this whitepaper we take a look at how to optimize for the holiday season and draw lessons for year-round seasonal management.


The Building Blocks of Successful Forecasting and Replenishment Implementations for Fresh Goods

In this white paper we will take an overview of the building blocks of successful forecasting and replenishment implementations for fresh goods.


How to Organize Your Inventory Management Team for Maximum Impact?

At RELEX we’ve collated information from more than a dozen of our large customers about how they have chosen to organize their replenishment.


Fresh Forecasting & Replenishment: Master Weekday Variations

As sales fluctuate significantly day to day, precision with fresh food is only possible through accurate daily forecasting and daily replenishment.

Holiday shopping street

Building a Supply Plan with the Capacity to Deliver During the Holiday Season

In the food sector the longest holiday forecast period is that for Christmas and New Year, where successive holidays make maintaining supply chain efficiency quite challenging.


Fresh Forecasting & Replenishment: Master Spoilage

Spoilage reduction is the single most effective measure we know of that clients can take to boost their profits.


Supply Chain Integration – Case Food Service Forecasting

Supply chain integration is about knitting together operations of two or more companies via an integrated IT system. Learn how this can be done wisely.

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Agile Process Development in Software Implementations – Case Vianor

Many large companies have been held back by large scale software projects that have gone wrong. Our agile approach however seems to work for us and our customers.

Mobile payment

Using POS Data in Your Supply Chain to React Faster to Changes in Demand

Particularetail trade companies, that often control both stores and warehouses themselves, no longer have any excuse for letting POS data gather dust in the stores’ till systems.

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The Pitfalls of Automating Replenishment Ordering and How to Avoid Them

Clients thinking of automating their replenishment processes often ask me what potential problems they should be alert to when changing their systems.

A More Efficient Ordering Process Through Better Exception Management

Increasing automation in replenishment generally produces positive results. It doesn’t, however, make your replenishment managers redundant.

Department store

More Effective Chain Operations Through Department Store Replenishment Automation

This article focuses on stock replenishment from the perspective of department store operations. The opportunities for improved efficiency are often great.

Spare parts

Making Your Spares Management More Efficient

At the best times managing a spare parts supply chain is a challenge, at worst it can feel like an impossible task.