RELEX Season’s Greetings Calendar 2017

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Last year, we decided to spread some holiday joy by doing charitable work all over Europe and North America.

We found it to be a meaningful way to give back to our communities for the holidays, and thus we are continuing the tradition.

Throughout December, we will share stories and pictures of all activities on this page. Hopefully you enjoy our season’s greetings as much as we enjoyed spending time with the wonderful people we met through these charities.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

Gifts for Kids (Team UK)

The Alice Charity is a non-profit charity that helps support families struggling on low incomes. When a family is cutting all corners to make ends meet, and no luxury spending is permitted, many of the children in these families will not receive a Christmas present this year. Our Stoke office is thus collecting toys & gifts and placing them under the tree for collection. There is also a Christmas raffle going on and all the money collected through the sale of raffle tickets will be donated to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice.

Cakes & Games (Team Germany)

This year RELEX team Germany visited a retirement home in Wiesbaden. The connection was made through the initiative “Wiesbaden engagiert!”, which connects companies and non-profit organizations. Equipped with home-made cakes and board as well as card games, we provided a welcomed distraction from daily routines. We spent a nice afternoon together with the residents, sang songs and reminisced about good old times.

Christmas Party Prep (Team Norway)

The RELEX NO-team spent a day at Sagene Frivillighetssentral, an Oslo-based organization offering support to people in need. The 240+ volunteers are arranging social activities or visits for lonely people, helping kids with schoolwork, organizing language courses, and much more. We had the pleasure of assisting with the preparation of a Christmas party, involving everything from cooking, organizing and cleaning the location. The day went by way too fast, and we are impressed by these amazing people dedicating their lives to helping others.

Fresh Food for Homeless (Team U.S.)

The Atlanta-based RELEX team continued its tradition and focused on providing fresh food to those in need. We partnered with Kashi’s Street Meals which serves brown bag lunches to over 300 people per week that are experiencing homelessness. This devoted team delivers more than just food, they bring affirmation and love. On November 20th, the RELEX team prepared the meals and the next day delivered them to those in need. We found it a meaningful way to give back to members of the city we call home and kick-off the holiday season of giving.

Porridge Party (Team Finland)

Helsinki Deaconess Institute’s Hoiva is a social enterprise that provides housing and care services for elderlies with a history of substance abuse. The RELEX team in Helsinki wanted to bring some joy to Hoiva’s residents by arranging a “Porridge Party” in one of its nursing homes. In addition to serving holiday treats like rice porridge and ginger bread, and donating some new blankets for the residents, one of our employees played a traditional Finnish instrument called ”kantele” while other team members enjoyed discussing life with the elderly.

F*CK CANCER (Team Sweden)

The organization Ung Cancer stands for strength, love, and friendship. They want to reduce fear of cancer and make sure that young adults affected by the disease have the right and courage to discuss it openly and get the support they need. The RELEX team in Stockholm wanted to support the incredible work Ung Cancer does by making bracelets with the organization’s statement “FUCK CANCER”. The bracelets are sold by Ung Cancer to generate a vital income for the organization continuing their work.

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