RELEX Season’s Greetings Calendar 2019

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Instead of shipping presents all over the world, we like to spread our holiday joy by doing charitable work and supporting good causes.

For three years already, we’ve found it to be a meaningful way to give back to our communities for the holidays and actually help those in need.

Throughout December, we will share stories and pictures on this page of the activities we’ve done in Europe and North America. Hopefully you enjoy our season’s greetings as much as we enjoyed spending time with the wonderful people we met through these charities.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!

Organ Donation (Team Norway)

Stiftelsen Organdonasjon (The Organ Donation Foundation) was established based on the great need for organs to transplant in Norway. Their purpose is to help improve access to organs for transplants. The organization does this by informing the public about what organ donation is, and by communication, how important it is for everyone to take a stand on organ donation while they are alive. The Norwegian team volunteered by handing out flyers and informing people in the streets.

Donation to the Alzheimer’s Association (Team Denmark)

This year the Danish office choose to donate to the Alzheimer’s association. The organization helps people with the disease and their relatives by offering extensive support. They also support research in the disease. In Denmark 70.000-85.000 people are affected by dementia and about 8.000 new cases surfaces each year. Whether it is data stored in your computer or in your memory, we at RELEX Solutions want to help protect it.

Hands Dirty for a Good Cause (Team DACH)

CASA e.V. is a charity dedicated to supporting the local community. For 50 years, the association has assisted families in need with a wide variety of consultation services and activities: tutoring, coaching, organizing sport events and excursions. Together with volunteers of R+V Versicherung, members of the RELEX team in Wiesbaden spent a full day improving and beautifying CASA’s facilities: We built benches, did some paint work, and weeded flower beds.

Charity Golf (Team Sweden)

Each year more than 300 children in Sweden get cancer. That means that each year, 300 new families have to go through a life with childhood cancer and everything that comes with it. The non-profit organisation AjaBajaCancer works to facilitate everyday life for these families as well as supporting research to treat cancer. Members of the RELEX team in Stockholm decided to support the organisation by partnering and participating in AjaBajaGolfen this summer.

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