Tapio Pitkäranta

Director, Technical Solutions

RELEX’s Solution Manager and Architect Tapio Pitkäranta is the company’s fifth DSc. Much of Tapio’s research has centred on semantics; by empowering database systems with structural metadata information they are given more ‘meaning’ and become more dynamic than “flat” database structures. His thesis for this MSc in technology ‘Software Agents in Semantic Web Environment’ and his doctoral thesis Semantic Service Matching in Context-Aware Environment both built on this theme.

At the Technical Research Centre of Finland Tapio worked closely with private sector partners to involve them in the design, funding and execution of research projects. He also spent three years designing data processing and reporting systems for the healthcare sector.

Aside from Finnish Tapio speaks English, German and Swedish. He balances life untangling software code with spending time in the great outdoors. He loves team sports, jogging and wilderness swimming – even in winter when he has to use a chainsaw to cut through the ice. His colleagues at RELEX know there’s no software project that can faze a man who can take on a frozen lake and win!

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