Many of the leading names in British High Street retail joined RELEX last week for our second annual London seminar and reception.

Once again we have to thank His Excellency Pekka Huhtaniemi the Finnish Ambassador who welcomed senior supply chain executives from Tesco, Sainsbury, Waitrose, Argos, 3663, Brakes and many others to his residence in Kensington Palace Gardens.

Our Head of UK Operations Tommi Ylinen gave a brief overview of what RELEX offers and the results that can be achieved through better planning, demand forecasting, supply chain and inventory optimisation, before handing over to two of our customers.


Mushtaque Ahmed, COO of RELEX’s first UK client, JJ Food Service, gave a brief presentation outlining the company’s pilot of our systems over the three months from July to September 2013.

Though the pilot finished less than a fortnight before the seminar Mr Ahmed told delegates that the results had already been impressive with a 15% of non performing lines eliminated, inventory down by 15% and staff time spent on replenishment reduced by a quarter.

Moreover Mr Ahmed told the audience he was particularly impressed by how easy the system was proving to use. Not only had colleagues needed only around 30 minutes of training to familiarise themselves, but JJ Food had brought all its lines, suppliers and buyers onto the system well before the end of the pilot phase – the plan having been to have based the pilot on around a quarter of the company’s operations.

Finally Anna Ståhle, Nordic Supply Chain Manager with Plantasjen, an established RELEX customer, explained how the largest garden product chain in the Nordic region has successfully used RELEX systems to manage its highly seasonal business.

She explained how the €433M p.a. chain had streamlined its supply chain and achieved availability improvements of up to 15%, higher sales, less staff time spent on replenishment, better distribution balance and end-of-season clearance.


A lively question and answer session followed before moderator and new RELEX non-executive director Andrew Blatherwick wrapped up the session and led the audience through to the reception.

Mr. Mushtaque Ahmed and RELEX’s Managing Director Mikko Kärkkäinen also signed a deal at the event formally marking JJ Food Service’s adoption of RELEX systems.

RELEX-uk-seminar-Mushtaque Ahmed-and-Mikko-Kärkkäinen

Seminar presentations

Plan Better, Sell More, Waste Less Tommi Ylinen RELEX

Business acumen and efficent system support key to flexible supply of goods at Plantagen

Anna Ståhle Plantasjen”