Tradeka has already for several years been in the forefront of automated store replenishment in Europe. To date, the investments in store replenishment have improved the availability of products and increased replenishment efficiency. The objective of the recently initiated project with RELEX is to further enhance the store replenishment process by implementing optimized store and product level parameters. The optimization will be conducted using the RELEX Optimizer tool. The challenge of parameter optimization is the vast number of product-store combinations and the poor applicability of traditional models for managing invetory parameters to the store environment.


Tradeka Oy is a retail store company operating with multi-store structure. All the stores are in the direct holding of Tradeka and they are controlled in centralized manner. For more information on the company, please visit:

RELEX Optimizer is an optimization tool, which can be used to identify and update the best parameter values for products and stores / warehouses. The iterative optimization* runs conducted by the tool makes it possible to define the inventory parameters maximizing total gross margin or the most effective inventory control parameters enabling a specified availability level. The optimization runs are based on actual sales data received from the customer and thus it ensures highly accurate results for all products despite the nature of their demand.

*Patent application 20061071