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Duration: 45 mins

Managing inventory, product availability, promotions, and new products are some of the key challenges highlighted in a new report “State of the Retail Supply Chain 2016” by retail consultancy firm Martec International. Forecasting and replenishment can be tricky but with the right technology and process, it doesn’t have to be.

Watch the webinar to learn about:

  • Key supply chain planning challenges for retailers in 2016
  • Takeaways on how to face these challenges
  • How to benchmark your supply chain against your peers
  • Real life best practices from international retailer Booths on how to optimize your supply chain planning to improve availability, sales and customer satisfaction.

Booths is leading the new wave of inventory management fuelled by cutting-edge technology. Booths has seen great results, and is now recognised as an industry leader having collected three awards in 2015 which include ‘IT Team of the Year’ at the Retail Week’s Tech & Ecomm Awards, Retail Systems’ ‘Supply Chain Solution of the Year’ and, most recently, the ‘Technology of the Year’ at the European Supply Chain Awards.

The discussion is led by Wyatt Wood, Account Executive at RELEX who is joined by Fran Riseley, Director of Retail Consultancy at Martec International and Mark Gaw, Head of Supply Control at Booths.

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