Meet Our Recruiters

Nov 19, 2020 3 min

Are you interested in learning more about RELEX Solutions and why we are the place to work? Our Talent Acquisition Managers from across the globe are a pretty social bunch, and now they’ll reveal you their insights. Get to know a little bit more about them, and what they think of RELEX. And if you feel extra curious, head on over to LinkedIn and connect with them for more in-depth insight into this amazing company and see what #lifeatrelex is all about!

Taylor Gianakos

Talent Acquisition Manager, North America
Music Lover, Good Advice Giver, ENFP Personality 

What is your background and how did it lead you to RELEX?
I’ve been in the IT Talent Acquisition space since 2015 and I love it. I’m a relationship builder and a helper by nature, and this allows me to tap into both of those skills. I wanted growth potential and I wanted to work for a global tech company with a great product and fantastic culture – I checked those boxes and then some when I landed at RELEX.

What is the most surprisingly helpful piece of advice anyone has given you about your own career?
I’m not sure I can choose just one. My parents instilled these two ideals in me from the start:

1.Do what it takes to get the job done – then do just a little bit more. This not only sets you apart, but you’ll always be proud to put your name on your work.

2.Take care of your people and your people will take care of you. This can be someone you manage, a peer, or your superiors – it’s amazing what you’ll get in return when you lead with empathy and ’do the right thing’ to support those you work with.

Favorite interview question:
”What is something you’ve accomplished that you’re most proud of?” It’s so interesting to hear what people have done while also providing insight to what they value. 

RELEX Solutions to me in 3 words:
Smart, passionate, growing.

Fun Fact:
I’m a big sports fan – I even play in three fantasy football leagues.

Tini Masuch  

Team Lead DACH Talent Management & Content, Germany
Proud Dog Owner, Underrated Artist, Trekkie and Whovian

What do you seek in candidate talent?
I seek curiosity, intrinsic motivation, and a passion for the job.

What is your favorite interview question?
Tell me one thing that annoys your friends about you.

RELEX Solutions to me in 3 words:
Friends, passion for our profession, an excellent product.

Fun Fact:
Several Doctor Who words actually made it into the dictionary (e.g. sonic screwdriver, TARDIS, and Dalek).

Mari Leppänen  

Talent Acquisition Manager, Finland
Proud Mommy, Foodie, Traveler

What is your background, and how did it lead you to RELEX?
I have a Master’s Degree in General and Adult Education from the University of Helsinki, where I also studied Social Psychology. Before joining the RELEX family, I worked for six years as an IT Recruiter in one of the fastest-growing staffing companies in the Nordic region. I think that the key things in propelling my career have been my strong passion for learning and appreciation of curiosity. I am fascinated by people who are at the top of their game. What could be better than working in a Finnish software company where I can learn something new on a daily basis?

What is the most surprisingly helpful piece of advice anyone has given you about your own career? 
Trust and be yourself in all situations.

RELEX Solutions to me in 3 words:
Experience, intelligence, caring.

Fun Fact:
In 2013 I went on around the world backpacking trip with a friend: 10 countries in 7 months.