Employee Spotlight: Balazs Belinszki, Team Lead, Service Delivery Management

Feb 23, 2021 2 min

Here at RELEX, we build outstanding software that creates measurable value for our retail customers. As smart as our AI-driven software is, though, it is nothing without the bright minds behind it. In Employee Spotlights, we want to introduce RELEXians who create the solutions to solve our customers’ problems and, while doing that, make the world more sustainable bit by bit.

In this Employee Spotlight, it’s time to meet our Team Lead, Service Delivery Management Balazs Belinszki!

How long have you worked at RELEX, and what do you do here?

I joined RELEX in December 2019 with the mission to build up the Service Delivery team in the DACH region. The Service Delivery Managers ensure RELEX services are delivered according to SLAs, and changes in customer environments are implemented without any disruption in the service. Should something go wrong, we coordinate the work with the customer and our internal teams to deliver a fast resolution.

What do you enjoy most about working at RELEX?

We have a very open culture. People are very open to receive and give feedback in a constructive way. You should not be scared to ask for advice or tell someone on a higher level how things can be done better. As long as your suggestion helps to “Put an end to stupid things,” you will be supported by all means.

What do you find most challenging about your job?

RELEX is in a very interesting stage. We used to be a start-up, we developed a market-leading product, and our customers are now the largest companies of their own markets. It requires a transformation of how we work. We introduce more processes, standards, and best practices. Teams are getting bigger, roles and responsibilities get reviewed and rearranged from time to time. The challenge is probably to manage this transition and become an enterprise-level company while still maintaining the advantages of being a start-up. Our core values help a lot to achieve it.

What is your favorite RELEX value, and why?

It is a tough question, because without having the other values, we would not be where we are now. If I have to choose one, then it is “Colleague is a friend”. Thanks to this value, we are all encouraged to help each other. Yes, you can say: This is nothing special, I also help my colleagues to finish something on time, etc. But we go further… We are encouraged to tell our colleagues in a very respectful way how they can be even better.

What advice would you give others interested in working at RELEX?

We are continuously looking for highly motivated people who want to make an impact. It does not matter if you are starting your career or you are an experienced professional. You will learn a lot at RELEX, and you will be able to make us better.