Meat producers

Optimized supply planning, accurate demand forecasting

Meat processors face short order cycles, long supply lead times, seasonal variation and must maximize the yield of every animal while delivering the freshest products. Sharing data to align capacity, resources, and inventory with the sales plan requires visibility across the supply chain.

Address your biggest meat processing challenges

With long supply lead times and a lack of visibility throughout their supply chain, meat processing companies must determine how to best satisfy customer demand and maximize profit while also moving fresh products through the supply chain. Capturing fluctuating demand is important when collaborating with vendors and understanding how their promotions will impact supply and demand.

Need for accurate demand planning

Meat processors need to create day-to-day forecasts that accurately reflect business constraints. Failure to plan accurately risks losing sales due to poor product availability and incorrectly anticipated demand.

Outdated and siloed production planning

Outdated and disconnected manual planning processes in the purchasing, production, and distribution teams create constant gaps between planning and execution, resulting in less-than-optimal business outcomes.

Carcass balancing and yield

Carcass balancing is about matching demand with supply and making decisions regarding yield: which cuts to use, what can be downgraded, and which cut plans, out of thousands available, will deliver optimal profit and customer service. For purely fresh producers, minimizing what is frozen is key.

Balance supply with demand

Meat processors need to balance the supply of raw materials with demand that can change due to seasonal variations, promotions, and consumer preferences.

Inspiring customer stories

“We had to stop producing inventory toward make-believe sales numbers and just-in-time orders. An accurate forecast means we can simultaneously improve our customer service, operational efficiency, and inventory situation.”

Steve Rossiter
Production Planner, Rastelli Foods Group

Case study: Rastelli

In the fall of 2022, to support and accelerate their expansion, Rastelli made a strategic investment in state-of-the-art supply chain planning capabilities.

“Thanks to the AI-powered forecasting capabilities of RELEX, our demand planning process is now automated. Not only does this save valuable time, but we’re also getting much better forecast accuracy. The entire organization now trusts the forecast.”

Arijit Saha
General Manager of Supply Chain at Tegel Foods Ltd.

Case study: Tegel Foods Ltd.

Tegel has provided New Zealanders with healthy, cage-free chicken. Today, the company commands more than 50% of the New Zealand market and offers a wide range of products, from nuggets and nibbles to core cuts and whole roasts, all sourced from Tegel farms.

“The addition of RELEX machine learning-based forecasting has greatly contributed to the continued success of our business.”

Pekka Korpeinen
Director, Steering & Planning for Atria

Case study: Atria

Atria significantly improved their forecast accuracy and stability after implementing RELEX’s machine learning-based forecasting capabilities.

Optimize meat supply chain planning

RELEX allows meat processors to stay ahead of demand volatility and execute strategic short-term and long-term planning to meet demand, maximize yield and minimize waste. RELEX deconstructs silos to bridge the gap between planning and execution, while enabling strategic, cross-departmental decision-making.

Webinar recording: Optimizing meat & poultry supply chains

Watch the recording of our webinar to see a demo of end-to-end supply chain planning and optimization capabilities for meat and poultry producers. Hear from Ekro, a Dutch producer of high-quality veal products, and how they are optimizing production and planning with RELEX. 

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