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Price optimization software

Elevate price precision and optimize pricing strategy

RELEX price optimization software helps retailers craft pricing strategies aligned with business goals, so retailers can make informed pricing decisions to increase sales and margins while building a desired price image. 

Maximize sales, profit, or volume with streamlined pricing processes


in profitability


volume via returning or new shoppers


productivity by reducing manual work 

RELEX creates precise and informed pricing decisions

Gain the competitive edge through optimized price recommendations that leverage predictive analytics and price elasticity models for precise and informed pricing decisions. 

Key features

Effortlessly shape the pricing image customers desire with RELEX price optimization software


Improve retail pricing to achieve market leadership 

RELEX price optimization software helps retailers optimize prices, streamline pricing processes, and foster collaboration for retail success. 

  • Address your biggest pricing challenges

    Craft your price strategies to align with diverse business goals from maximizing sales and profitability to driving traffic and maintaining competitiveness. Streamline your pricing process while minimizing manual efforts. Increase profit and volume via returning or new shoppers.

  • Increase sales and profitability

    Achieve quick ROI with RELEX by boosting sales and profitability through smarter pricing decisions, increased productivity and reduced manual errors. Increase profitability and productivity by reducing manual work.

  • Drive changes through data-led decision-making

    Benefit from data-led decision-making and the clean, actionable data that can be utilized throughout your business. The seamless integration between solutions ensures a smooth implementation process and a successful digital transformation.

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