Convenience retailers

Unified planning for convenience retailers

RELEX improves planning in all functional areas, from forecasting and replenishment to planogramming and promotion planning — ensuring you reap benefits at each step. Small footprints and limited storage space make it critical for convenience retailers to use space efficiently and have the shelves stocked with the right assortment.

Results from our convenience retailer clients


decrease in stockouts


increase in ultra-fresh product availability


margin improvement


increase in like-for-like product sales

RELEX helps create efficient operations and improves short-life products availability

Lack of automation

Relying on time consuming manual processes with poor store data is inefficient and can lead to errors, resulting in increased costs and decreased profitability. 


Convenience stores carry a wide variety of items with an increased demand for fresh items. It can be challenging to replenish short-life products and balance availability with sales losses and spoilage.  

Small store footprint and inventory storage facilities 

Having a small footprint and limited storage space makes it crucial to use space in the most efficient way and stock the shelves with the right assortment.

Efficient store operations 

Continued inflation and labor challenges, including hiring and retention, add additional pressure to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction at the same time. 

RELEX Mobile Pro

Empower your stores to optimize their fresh forecasting and replenishment operations with RELEX Mobile Pro. Our mobile app focuses on managing the complexities of fresh – improving store efficiency, maximizing sales and profitability while also minimizing waste and spoilage.

Built on the RELEX fresh management knowledge base, RELEX Mobile Pro supports fresh store operators and center store workers, all on one app.  

Increase profitability and ensure product freshness 

RELEX helps convenience retailers increase their profitability, manage a complex assortment and makes the most of the available space through automated and unified retail planning processes. 

Impressive results from convenience retailers like you 

“RELEX’s machine learning-based forecasting is critical to our ability to accurately forecast our most challenging categories, whether short-shelf life items or those with weather-driven demand. It’s also the bedrock of our plans to drive sustained growth and improve our resiliency in the face of rapidly evolving market conditions.”

Richard Turton
Head of Supply Chain, One Stop

Case study: One Stop

With RELEX’s machine learning forecast, One Stop has enhanced its daily forecast despite the complex weather-driven demands and increased in-store availability without spoilage corresponding.

Case study: Circle K

Circle K has significantly improved the accuracy of their forecasts through their partnership with RELEX, enabling a 10% inventory reduction of tobacco and cigarettes.

Travel store

Case study: WHSmith

WHSmith uses RELEX’s machine learning to optimize weekday profiles and manage multiple daily deliveries, resulting in decreased spoilage and increased availability.

Case study: Franprix

Franprix, a leading convenience store retailer, significantly improved its operational efficiency and replenishment accuracy after the adoption of RELEX.

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