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Demand planning software

Accurately forecast demand for improved planning

RELEX demand planning increases forecast accuracy, elevates efficiency through automating manual processes, and allows improved planning processes across merchandising, supply chain, and operations planning for retailers and wholesalers.

Increase forecast accuracy for improved decision-making and outcomes

up to 99%

forecast accuracy

up to 85%

reduction in stock-outs

up to 30%

reduction in inventory

RELEX enables quick response to changes in demand

The RELEX platform removes siloed planning and offers a holistic approach that considers all demand drivers, enabling more informed decisions, and allowing quick responses to change in demand. The platform helps to reduce inventory holding costs and spoilage levels while improving service levels for customers.

Key features

Anticipate demand in a whole new way

Trust highly accurate demand forecasts

Automated demand forecasting combines with exception-based and collaborative demand planning workflows to better manage new product introductions, seasons, promotions, and forecast discrepancies.

Anticipate demand drivers with ML

Machine learning (ML) predicts the impact of all relevant demand drivers, including merchandising decisions, internal commercial decisions, external events, consumer preferences, and seasonality to increase forecast accuracy.

Better leverage retail data for improved forecast accuracy

Integrate retail data with forecasting to quickly capture demand changes caused by assortment changes, retail promotions, and new product introductions.

Review, report and visualize factors that impact forecasts

The RELEX user interface (UI) makes it easy for users to manually correct forecasts, with clear dashboards at different levels to support review and reporting and provides forecast visualizations that show how different demand factors impact forecasts.


Increase demand forecasting accuracy for better business results 

Accurately predict demand to ensure the right stock, resources, and capacity are available to maximize sales and customer satisfaction at low cost.

  • Leverage actionable analytics for highly accurate demand forecasts 

    RELEX demand planning creates highly accurate demand forecasts based on historical data, market trends, and other relevant factors. RELEX supplies high-level automation to create actionable analytics so demand planners can focus on value-adding activities.

  • Adapt to changing business requirements with RELEX 

    The RELEX platform can process enormous amounts of data to scale with an organization and is flexible enough to adapt to changing business requirements. RELEX works with existing systems, there is no need to update or replace them. Its no-code configuration simplifies and reduces the amount of time needed to deploy the RELEX platform, allowing customers to reduce costs and enjoy its benefits sooner.

  • Optimize inventory holding needs and costs along with spoilage levels

    RELEX demand planning software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with an intuitive interface, along with clear and concise reporting and analytics. It helps reduce inventory holding needs and costs and reduces spoilage levels.

    In the driver’s seat; AutoZone’s journey to demand planning success

    Get a behind-the-scenes view into AutoZone’s journey from demand planning through a legacy system to adopting a configurable and flexible retail planning software.

    “I noticed on the news that a heat wave was coming and thought to myself, ‘shoot, I should have seen this earlier, I need to let my planners know.’ But when I reached out to the team, they told me not to worry. RELEX had already adjusted our forecasts based on the latest weather forecast.”

    Arthur Caron
    Head of Operation Excellence, Franprix

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    Case study: Transmeri

    By implementing RELEX, the Finnish consumer and cosmetics goods importer was able to increase its forecast accuracy by 10 percentage points.

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