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Build better DIY and home improvement supply chain processes

With RELEX, DIY retailers can manage inventory challenges like long lead times and slow movers, streamline complex omnichannel operations, and improve supply chain visibility. Unified planning across core retail processes—from forecasting and replenishment to space and workforce optimization—ensures you reap the benefits with each step.

Results from our DIY and home improvement clients


increase in on-shelf availability 


automation of orders 


reduction in delivery rows


increase in sales 

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Broad and complex assortments require accurate forecasting 

Broad assortments, large numbers of suppliers and tight margins require a high level of automation, efficiency, and transparency.

Complex assortments including seasonal items 

DIY and home improvement retailers deal with complex assortments, up to 50,000 SKUs, including seasonal items and new product introductions.

Supplier complexity

Home improvement retailers have large numbers of suppliers, including international ones with unpredictable delivery schedules. Deliveries also come with various purchasing conditions and restrictions like full truckload purchases.

Slow- moving and low-margin categories

Low margin categories highlight the need for efficiency while slow moving items present a challenge because of their sparse space sales data and lumpy demand.

Need for accurate forecasting

Many DIY and home improvement retailers carry green life products that require highly accurate forecasting.

Secure availability for complex assortments and create efficiency through automation 

RELEX helps DIY retailers to improve availability, sales, and efficiency by automating and optimizing their retail processes. 

Impressive results from home improvement retailers like you

The reason why we chose RELEX is because we wanted to have autonomy over the space and layout area. We wanted to have a function that was very much on its own, and we wanted to embrace that with the supply chain and operations within the organization. And RELEX we found was the best fit because it not only provided us with planogram production but it also provided us with floor planning.

Tony Davis
Head of Space, Selco Builders Warehouse

Customer video: Selco Builders Warehouse

David Rose, Head of Supply Chain, Tony Davis, Head of Space, and Chris Barber, Store Manager, took some time out from their day in Milton Keynes to share how they have seen significant enhancements in the efficiency of their branches and customer service following their deployment with RELEX Solutions.

“In business nothing stands still. We never stop developing our processes and improving our organization. It’s great to be able to draw on the supply chain expertise of RELEX, but because their systems are so adaptable and we’re empowered to make all the changes we need means we can make any changes whenever necessary and operate as independently of them as we choose.”

Anna Ståhle
Plantasjen’s Nordic Supply Planning Manager

Plantasjen store

Case study: Plantasjen

Scandinavia’s largest chain of garden centres now has a small and efficient team managing store and central warehouse replenishment with excellent results.

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