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Unified planning for home furnishing retailers

With RELEX, home furnishing retailers can unify planning across their core retail processes—from forecasting and replenishment to planogramming and workforce optimization—reaping greater benefits with each step.

Impressive results from our customers


increase in sales 


increase in store availability


reduction in ordering time

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Address your biggest home furnishing forecasting challenges

RELEX helps home décor and furnishing retailers address complex challenges like new product introductions, seasonality, slow movers, price changes, promotions, supplier restrictions, and strict delivery schedules.

Optimize omnichannel availability 

Ensure omnichannel availability with “virtual ringfencing” that proactively reserves centrally held inventory for online demand. Improve the management of ramp-ups and ramp-downs across channels during challenging periods such as promotions, seasons, and assortment reviews. 

Automate planogram optimization

Combine merchandisers’ expertise with data-driven optimization to automate localized, visually appealing planograms that meet your stores’ individual needs. 

Identify and apply timely markdowns 

Proactively identify products for markdown and set timely, optimized discounts to maximize margins and reduce the risk of excess stock, whether managing promotions, at the end of a season or a product lifecycle. 

Optimize workforce scheduling and management

Accurately forecast workload and automatically optimize shifts that account for employee contracts, skills, preferences, complex local legal requirements, and company-specific rules. 

Optimize home décor retail for every future

RELEX helps update and improve your core supply chain & retail planning processes with adaptable, scalable, and AI-driven unified solution.

Inspiring stories from other home furnishing retailers

“One of the best aspects of working with RELEX has been their willingness to think creatively, take the time to understand what we’re trying to do, and work as a team, utilizing experience from across their organization to figure out solutions.”

Johan Hoover
VP of Allocation & Replenishment at Big Lots

Case study: Big Lots

RELEX provides integrated forecasting and replenishment for Big Lots 1,400+ stores, 5 distribution centers, and one ecommerce fulfillment center, and has simplified their complex processes with automation and adaptability.

Europris store

Case study: Europris

Norway’s largest discount variety retailer achieved over 17% cut in DC inventory in just 18 weeks.

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