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Retail floor planning software

Maximize the potential of your store’s space

RELEX retail floor planning software provides a unified approach to store planning, category management, and store operations for an improved shopping experience and space productivity.

Maximize the selling potential of every square foot


reduction in inventory


reduction in stock-outs

Data driven

store layouts

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Create a consistent category and product flow to increase sales 

Provide your store customers with a consistent category and product flow. Plan your stores with a layout to naturally pull your customers through the store, thus encouraging them to shop more and ultimately increase the size and value of their basket. 

Key features

Use data driven insights to ensure the optimal use of floor space


Optimize your floor plans for better business results

RELEX technology enables communication between central teams and stores teams to review and adjust floor plans and planograms to meet store-specific requirements in real time. 

  • Create pleasing shopper experiences while increasing space productivity

    Review data-driven insights to understand the performance of your merchandise categories. Ensure stores have the right amount of space assigned to each category in every store to drive profitable sales. Optimize fixture layouts and category flows for entire departments or stores to maximize basket value, drive sales and provide satisfying shopper experiences. Automate repetitive tasks for store planners to allow focus on formulating effective merchandise strategies.  

  • Increase space productivity to deliver tailored customer-centric floor plans 

    With a modernized UI, you can effortlessly analyze your floor plans without the need for complex formulas, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your space performance. Floor plan color shading lets you visualize high-traffic areas, fixed-based sales, and other performance points to help identify trends. Utilize automation to reduce or eliminate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, boosting overall efficiency.   

    Support category analysis 

    Use heatmapping to better understand how customers are experiencing your store. Floor plan color shading allows you to visualize high-traffic areas, fixture-based sales, and other performance points. 

    Improve shopper experience 

    Ensure that best-selling items are placed where shoppers want them by optimizing fixture layouts and category flows for entire departments or stores to maximize basket value and drive sales. 

    Streamline fixture management 

    Take advantage of a robust database of fixture and hardware inventory for each store. Cut costs by avoiding the purchase of excess materials or the need to hire a third-party vendor for validation. 

    Ensure smooth collaboration 

    RELEX Floor Plan Delivery enables communication between central teams and store teams to review and adjust floor plans and planograms in real time to meet store-specific requirements.

    “The unified suite of inventory, space, and store management services that RELEX offers addressed our business needs perfectly. From our initial supply chain pilot through our space planning implementation, we have seen consistent results that improve store operations and positively impact our bottom line.”

    Ole Christian Remen
    Head of Supply Chain Europe, Convenience, Circle K 

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