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Case study: Bubbies Ice Cream

After a decade of perfecting their premium mochi ice cream, Bubbies was doing well, but there was a sense that the business could be doing even better.  

Case study: major European meat supplier 

This European meat supplier provides  high-quality, traditionally prepared meat products, ready meals, vegetarian products, and soups and salads to all major supermarkets in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. 

RELEX biographies

Key people at RELEX

Mikko Kärkkäinen

Co-founder & Group Chief Executive Officer

RELEX Group CEO Mikko Kärkkäinen was the driving force behind the company’s inception in 2005. He met his co-founders Johanna and Michael at Helsinki University of Technology, where he earned a Masters, then a PhD in supply chain management.

His early research was on warehouse processes and logistics for e-commerce, but later work focused on the application of technology to supply chain improvement. Today, Mikko continues to make valuable contributions to the supply chain conversation from the private sector, having authored over thirty papers and presentations on logistics and supply chain issues.

Johanna Småros


As a researcher, Johanna conducted ground-breaking work in collaborative planning and forecasting between retailers and suppliers, sharing and utilization of point of sale (POS) data in supply chains and automatic store ordering. Her work has driven RELEX’s development since the beginning, and in fact, she coded the first seed of the simulation that evolved into the forecasting and replenishment software herself.

An advocate for technology innovation that pragmatically solves retail challenges, Johanna remains actively involved in RELEX’s research and development.

Svante Göthe

Head of Sustainability

Svante Göthe holds an M.Sc. (tech) in Industrial Engineering and Management. He has over 12 years of experience working with numerous retailers to optimise their supply chains. As Head of Sustainability for RELEX Solutions, his primary focus is finding new ways to increase their positive environmental impacts and drive sustainable business practices now and in the future.

Tommi Vilkamo

Director, RELEX Labs

Tommi Vilkamo is responsible for data & AI at RELEX. He leads RELEX Labs–the centralized R&D department that consists of data scientists, machine learning engineers, and data analysts. Their joint mission is to make RELEX products work intelligently for our customers.

Tommi has over 20 years of experience in applying data, analytics and, increasingly, AI in business. He has worked in a wide range of roles at Microsoft, Nokia, Fellowmind, a management consultancy company, and at Noona Healthcare, a digital cancer-care startup. He knows his way around data science, appreciates engineering excellence, and loves working around smart people. Tommi holds a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Helsinki University of Technology, and graduated with honors. He lives in Finland together with his wife, kids, and dog, Ziggy Stardust.

Aki Elovehmas

Lead Data Scientist

Aki Elovehmas is leading research into forecasting and supply chain at RELEX. He and the team are focused on perfecting the consumer goods value chain by inventing new solutions for RELEX products. During his 7+ years time at RELEX, Aki has gained wide experience of topics such as forecasting, inventory control, markdown, delivery flow and space optimization. Aki holds a Master of Science in Automation and Systems Technology. In addition to consumer goods value chain optimization, Aki enjoys making music and swimming in cold water.

Emmanuel Raj

Lead Machine Learning Engineer

Emmanuel Raj is a Lead Machine Learning Engineer and team lead responsible for the AI Platform and MLOps at RELEX. He leads a team of Machine Learning Engineers on a mission to build a world-class production-grade AI platform that enables intelligent solutions for our customers. Emmanuel has a decade of experience in cutting-edge engineering solutions using AI and Machine Learning across multi-domains such as Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance, Retail, e-commerce, and aviation.

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