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RELEX Solutions is dedicated to helping retail businesses improve their competitiveness through localized assortments, profitable use of retail space, accurate forecasting and replenishment, and optimized workforce planning.

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Considering Cannibalization and Halo Effects to Improve Demand Forecasts

The sales promotion of one product often has a huge impact on its sales, but it may have significant secondary effects on the sales of other products as well. Ignoring these effects prevents us from reaching the full profit potential of a sales promotion.

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Measuring Forecast Accuracy: The Complete Guide

“What would you consider a good level of forecast accuracy in our business?” is probably the single most frequent question we get from customers, consultants and other business experts alike. In this Complete Guide we will explain the facets of forecasting and why forecast accuracy is a good servant but a poor master.

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Fresh Forecasting & Replenishment: Running an Efficient Omnichannel Grocery Retail Operation

Only a few years back, many senior grocery retail executives were looking at the world of eCommerce and saying, more or less, “it’s not for us’ – oh how times have changed. Read our latest whitepaper about how to run an efficient omnichannel grocery retail operation.

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Plan anything from supply chain to store space and workforce

RELEX delivers unrivaled results for retailers around the world with cloud-based, retail planning solutions.

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RELEX software takes full advantage of all your data to give you the most accurate forecasts.

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Automatic Replenishment

Replenish all product categories automatically with great consistency and accuracy.

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Perform complex calculations instantly to make more accurate purchase orders with far less work.

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Promotions & Markdowns

Effectively plan, forecast and execute promotions that meet your business targets without excess stock.

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Allocation &
In-Season Management

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of initial allocations, in-season replenishment, and final allocations.

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Macro Space Planning & Optimization

Allocate the right amount of space to each department, zone, isle and category.

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Micro Space Planning & Planogram Optimization

Planogram any fixture and automatically create store-optimized planograms.

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Workforce Optimization & Management

Optimize staffing with accurate forecasts of customer volumes and incoming goods.

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Andrew Rafferty

“We’ve seldom found IT providers willing to put their money where their mouth is. This was a refreshing change and shows the confidence they have in their solution.”

– Andrew Rafferty, IT and eCommerce Director, Booths

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Grocery Retail in 2018

Many of the same trends we’ve seen in 2017 will continue in 2018 alongside new challenges and opportunities. We’ve listed the five most interesting trends that grocery retailers can expect in 2018.

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