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RELEX Solutions helps retailers become more competitive with cloud-native retail planning solutions powered by pragmatic AI, in-memory data processing and unsurpassed computational power.


Winning the Food Fight: Best Practices for Managing Grocery Retail Supply Chains

Food retail is a tough and turbulent market. Grocery has never been easy, but the current business transformation is more dramatic than anything we have seen in decades. In this best practice guide, we highlight key approaches for increasing both responsiveness and efficiency in grocery supply chains.

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Supply Chain Transformation: The Complete Guide

Transforming a supply chain operation and bringing it up to date generally involves not just the introduction of powerful new technology but a fundamental review of processes and organization. In this guide we look at the areas that, in our experience, are the most important to consider in the process.

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Growing and Sustaining Competitive Advantage in Grocery Retail

Leading North American grocers were surveyed to understand how they view today’s grocery market and what key retail and supply chain planning initiatives they are undertaking to build and sustain a competitive advantage. The survey report reveals opportunities and actionable takeaways for grocers to boost operational efficiency and reduce fresh food waste.

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Plan anything from supply chain to store space and workforce

RELEX delivers unrivaled results for retailers around the world with cloud-native retail planning solutions powered by pragmatic AI, in-memory data processing and unsurpassed computational power.

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RELEX software takes full advantage of all your data to give you the most accurate forecasts.

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Automatic Replenishment

Replenish all product categories automatically with great consistency and accuracy.

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Perform complex calculations instantly to make more accurate purchase orders with far less work.

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Promotions & Markdowns

Effectively plan, forecast and execute promotions that meet your business targets without excess stock.

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Allocation &
In-Season Management

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of initial allocations, in-season replenishment, and final allocations.

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Macro Space Planning & Optimization

Allocate the right amount of space to each department, zone, isle and category.

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Micro Space Planning & Planogram Optimization

Planogram any fixture and automatically create store-optimized planograms.

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Workforce Optimization & Management

Optimize staffing with accurate forecasts of customer volumes and incoming goods.

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Jag Banwait

“It’s great to have found a solution provider that is eager to tackle new challenges head on.”

– Jag Banwait, Merchandise Controller, WHSmith

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Making the Most of Markdowns

Markdowns cost retailers billions, yet they are essential in the world of retail. To make most of it, retailers need to maximize margin and avoid excess stock.

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