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Production planning software

Demand shifts.
Plan accordingly.

Create optimized production plans from up-to-date forecasts to strike a balance between minimal operational costs and maximal flexibility while considering production restrictions, material constraints, and business priorities.

Synchronize production plans, scheduling, and execution across your teams, production sites, and brands

Plan smarter, not harder

Master planning gets complicated quickly as you juggle dynamic product portfolios, multiple bills of materials, evolving manufacturing networks, alternative recipes, and hard-to-predict planning environments.

Use RELEX production planning software to:

  • Factor in all business constraints to create a single optimal plan.
  • Satisfy present and future demand.
  • Synchronize planning with production scheduling.
  • Ensure a smoother, more predictable, and cost-effective production process.

Key features

Production planning features
that help your business thrive


Optimized product mix plans for balancing supply and demand 


Flexible time horizons and planning levels


Seamless integration with demand forecasting, purchase planning, distribution planning, and production scheduling 


Highly configurable solution and dashboards

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We’ve accumulated a wealth of supply chain & retail expertise from our 1,500+ planning specialists.

Case study: major European meat supplier 

This European meat supplier provides  high-quality, traditionally prepared meat products, ready meals, vegetarian products, and soups and salads to all major supermarkets in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. 

Case study: one of Australia’s largest supplier of snack foods

The snack foods supplier, whose portfolio includes some of the nation’s favorite chips, has seen production increase from 15 million packets per year in 1996, to over 200 million today, and with a planned expansion into Asian markets, there’s no sign of any slowdown.

Ready to transform your supply chain & retail planning?

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