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Omnichannel supply chain

Make omnichannel bottlenecks a thing of the past

Omnichannel supply chains are complex, but managing them doesn’t have to be complicated. Improve availability and reduce fulfillment costs with our AI-driven omnichannel supply chain and inventory optimization software.

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Optimize your cost to serve
with AI-driven omnichannel supply chain software

Give your customers best-in-class availability while improving operational efficiency across all your fulfillment channels.

Maximize demand forecast accuracy

Put your retail data to work with AI. Machine learning improves demand forecast accuracy across sales channels by using all available data—think pricing, promotions, events, and even local weather forecasts—to predict sales patterns online and by store.

Improve fulfillment efficiency

Better meet your shoppers’ needs, whether in stores or online, while minimizing your cost to serve. Use localized demand data for each fulfillment channel to inform changes to your entire network.

Optimize omnichannel availability

With dynamic channel and store-specific inventory allocation and management, including “virtual ringfencing” in DCs, retailers can protect inventory and ensure availability for all fulfillment options while better managing ramp-ups and ramp-downs for each channel.

Improve capacity utilization

Avoid operational capacity bottlenecks by automatically rebalancing inbound and outbound goods flows, and leverage accurate workload forecasts to ensure more efficient goods handling in stores and DCs.

“We would prefer to have the inventory where we expect a guaranteed sale vs. shipping it to a store and hoping that it sells. [Ringfencing] was a key requirement when evaluating what software to go through.”

Steve Finkelstein
Senior Director of Merchandise Planning and Inventory, The Vitamin Shoppe

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The Swiss online-only supermarket saw significant improvements in their forecast accuracy and promotional campaign outcomes.

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