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Channel planning

Make bottlenecks a thing of the past

Demand can vary across different channels, as each channel has its own unique demand patterns, capacity restraints, and service level requirements. Channel planning improves forecasting accuracy and granularity for replenishment and supply chain planning, driving higher availability and turnover, better service, and more optimal inventory value.  

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Optimize your cost to serve with AI-driven supply chain software

Wholesalers and retailers need to forecast demand by channel to ensure high product availability for each channel. For increased accuracy, their forecasts must take channel-specific factors and behaviors into account. 

Key features

“We would prefer to have the inventory where we expect a guaranteed sale vs. shipping it to a store and hoping that it sells. [Ringfencing] was a key requirement when evaluating what software to go through.”

Steve Finkelstein
Senior Director of Merchandise Planning and Inventory, The Vitamin Shoppe

Case study: The Vitamin Shoppe

The Vitamin Shoppe improved their inventory optimization and got more accurate forecasting after implementing RELEX.


Increase demand forecasting accuracy for better business results 

Accurately predict demand to ensure the right stock, resources, and capacity are available to maximize sales and customer satisfaction at low cost.

  • Use channel-specific forecasting to optimize product availability 

    Forecast demand separately for both in-store and online sales channels, taking channel-specific factors and behaviors into account to optimize product availability. Enjoy better visibility through sales channel-specific reporting and increase forecasting accuracy. 

  • Improve forecast accuracy and optimize inventory levels 

    RELEX ML-based forecasting identifies patterns and trends quickly, allowing demand planners to react to demand from all sales channels accurately. Gain visibility into inventory levels across all channels, to optimize inventory and reduce stockouts.  

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    Case study: Migros Online

    The Swiss online-only supermarket saw significant improvements in their forecast accuracy and promotional campaign outcomes.

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