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Data-fueled, AI-powered supply chain planning

Managing a supply chain with multiple data streams, disconnected systems, and a lack of end-to-end visibility can slow decision-making processes and create chaos in your supply chain.  

RELEX uses AI-powered technology to leverage a single source of truth for greater efficiency, making unified planning a reality.

Scalable, ML-based platform with seamless data flow

Our flexible architecture allows you to grow and scale while reaping ROI quickly, at each stage of growth.  

RELEX provides maximum data processing and analysis at minimal cost, thanks to a powerful in-house embedded database and a close partnership with leaders in data management, including Snowflake and Confluent Kafka. 


Data security, privacy, and integrity are crucial for making informed business decisions, emphasizing the need for accurate, consistent, and reliable data.

Data security, privacy, and integrity

Ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data, along with data integrity and quality is paramount. Data should be accurate, consistent, and reliable, which is critical to making informed business decisions.

AI transformation journey

Step into unified planning with an AI platform. Our unified platform provides streamlined operations, enhanced data integration, and improved decision-making capabilities, all while reducing IT complexity and costs.

Successful IT implementation

Transitioning to AI/ML tools may feel risky, but RELEX ensures no failed implementations. This dedication to customer success is reflected in our 100% referenceable customer base.


The RELEX platform can grow and scale with you to meet future business needs through its configurable platform, ensuring seamless upgrades.

Effective data management

RELEX manages massive data sets efficiently, at minimal cost, and provides on-demand results with in-memory computing and in-database processing.

The RELEX data infrastructure offers scalable data storage, quick processing, and detailed analytics, thanks to its use of exclusive technology and top data storage and streaming solutions. 

Adapt, configure, expand

Adapt and configure according to your needs, without expensive and time-consuming software development projects. Configure, don’t code!

Each implementation step provides quick time to revenue with RELEX established processes. Easy software upgrades enable fast ROI from new functionality with minimum IT involvement needed.

Quick response to change

The RELEX platform creates a cohesive, dynamic planning environment using near-live data, allowing you to respond quickly to market changes and internal business decisions.

Our data platform underpins all RELEX AI-powered functions, sharing data, unifying planning processes, and making network-wide collaboration easy.

Trust the RELEX platform




successful implementations


customer NPS


customer satisfaction for large vendors, *2022 RIS report

AI-based, scalable platform technology

Our unified platform supports end-to-end planning for effective optimization and collaboration across the consumer goods value chain.

Our customers

“Our selection of RELEX was driven by their proven expertise in the home improvement retail sector. We were particularly impressed by their advanced, AI-driven approach and the flexibility of their inventory management systems. RELEX is well-known for their automation capabilities and exceptional dashboard. Working with both RELEX and Accenture aligns with our ongoing commitment to leveraging innovative solutions to enhance our business processes.”

Camille Fratanduono
Senior Vice President of Inventory, Replenishment and Planning at Lowe’s

“This solution will provide a unified, adaptable, and scalable platform with state-of-the-art AI/ML for forecasting, buying, and replenishment as part of the integrated supply chain optimization initiative.”

Sudhakar Lingineni
CIO at C&S Wholesale

“We already had RELEX’s forecasting and replenishment solutions in use. Now, after implementing the markdown optimization solution, we truly have a unified retail planning platform.”

Panu Hannula
CIO at Musti Group

“RELEX is a modern, automated, cloud-based replenishment solution provider to a number of leading grocers across Europe and the U.S. It represents a best-in-class technology solution that will deliver another major component of our technology-led strategy. ” 

Roger Sniezek
CIO at Coles

“The RELEX flexible platform and AI allow us to adapt the forecasting and replenishment logic for each product, brand, and channel while maintaining a highly efficient unified approach.”

Mirko Marcovaldi
CIO at Percassi Retail

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