Distribution planning software

Higher service levels.
Lower distribution costs.

Gain complete visibility into your distribution network to make smarter, proactive decisions aligned with your broader business objectives and customer service goals.

Boost customer service levels and profitability
with responsive, dynamic distribution planning.

Turn inventory visibility into profitability

Supply-side disruptions and shortages force you to make hard choices regarding which customer orders to prioritize. Transportation costs, siloed communications, and storage and handling constraints only complicate these difficult distribution decisions.

Distribution planning enables you to optimize distribution and service levels based on customer priorities and operational costs. Use RELEX distribution planning software to:

  • Gain visibility into your inventory and make more profitable decisions.
  • Automatically prioritize and allocate stock to your most important customers.
  • Improve collaboration between supply chain stakeholders.
  • Optimize safety stocks to meet demand while minimizing waste.

Key features

Distribution planning features
that help your business thrive


Product flow optimization


Real-time visibility across the distribution network


Automated, prioritized allocation of products


“What-if” scenario analysis and simulations

Webinar recording: Optimizing meat & poultry supply chains

Watch the recording of our webinar to see a demo of end-to-end supply chain planning and optimization capabilities for meat and poultry producers. Hear from Ekro, a Dutch producer of high-quality veal products, and how they are optimizing production and planning with RELEX. 

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