Specialty industry retailers

Unified planning for specialty retailers

With unified planning, RELEX helps specialty retailers like you optimize inventory across the entire supply chain, improve omnichannel availability, and better plan capacity needs — from store space to workforce availability. 

Impressive results from our customers


availability improvement 


reduction in inventory value in like-for-like stores


increase in inventory turnover 

Turn specialty retail challenges into opportunities

Easily manage complexities across the specialty retail supply chain, including large and varied assortments, long-lead times, and omnichannel needs.

Large and complex assortments 

Specialty retailers need to carry a broad assortment, ensuring that the right products are available at the right locations and at the right time to avoid losing sales to competitors.

Seasonality and short lifecycles 

Specialty retailers typically include a large number of seasonal and short-lifecycle products in their assortment. It’s important to accurately identify products and prices for clearance to help avoid costly overstock or taking a hit to tight margins.

Long lead times and delivery uncertainty 

Specialty products sourced internationally may have long lead times or delivery date uncertainty. This makes it difficult to ensure availability, particularly during seasonal peaks or in times of supplier shortfalls. 

Multiple sales channels 

Consumers expect an omnichannel shopping experience, which brings fulfillment complexity and challenges in maintaining availability and efficiency in each channel. 

Optimize specialty retail with RELEX

Update and improve your core supply chain and retail planning processes with an adaptable, scalable, AI-driven unified solution.

Inspiring stories from specialty retailers

“[Through that process] … we worked out RELEX had a great solution that would meet our needs. But more importantly, we also worked out that culturally, there’s a good alignment between the two businesses, and we could deal with them well as a partner, work with them well as a partner, and they were focused on our success as well as their own.”

Matt Rodda
CIO for Baby Bunting 

Customer video: Baby Bunting

Sarah Serle, General Manager of Merchandise, and Matt Rodda, CIO for Baby Bunting, share the challenges they faced with siloed and manual ordering processes, and the positive benefits they have seen since implementation.

Musti Group store

Case study: Musti Group

RELEX helped the leading pet supplies retailer in the Nordics to integrate its complex and ever-changing supply chain, which is now managed by a single super-user.

Case study: Baby Bunting

Baby Bunting, Australia’s largest nursery retailer, significantly improved availability and reduced inventory value after implementing RELEX.

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