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for construction and technical trade distributors and wholesalers

RELEX helps improve availability and reduce inventory bloat by automating processes and increasing supply chain transparency. We provide a flexible, adaptable, unified toolkit for wholesalers and distributors to optimize the end-to-end value chain.

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increase in inventory turnover


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reduction in time spent on replenishment tasks

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Address your biggest construction & technical distribution and wholesale challenges

Building, construction, and technical trade distributors and wholesalers must juggle a complex supply chain marked by seasonality and slow movers with minimal demand data while avoiding inventory bloat.

Fast-changing demand and supply patterns

Supply and demand in the building and construction market are influenced by seasonal variations, cost and freight limitations, varying lead times, weather, and more. It can be a struggle to accurately address all of these factors across the value chain.

High availability without excess inventory

Building, construction, and technical trade distributors and wholesalers must keep inventory costs in check while ensuring high service levels – a challenge in a dynamic market with many slow movers.

Manual replenishment planning

Highly manual replenishment planning at branches takes a significant amount of time that could be better spent on higher-value activities, such as customer service and exception management.

Lack of supply chain transparency

A lack of visibility into capacity constraints across the value chain may result in decisions that improve part of the supply chain but have a negative impact on overall service levels, inventory, and sales.

Optimize supply chain efficiency

RELEX delivers AI-driven automation that improves efficiency and increases sales for construction trade distributors while driving down the cost of inventory.

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