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Plan better. Sell more. Waste less.

RELEX Solutions unified platform provides one source of data and visibility to help retailers, wholesale companies, and consumer packaged goods manufacturers align and optimize demand, merchandise, supply chain, and operations planning across the end-to-end value chain. 

Our vision is to increase resiliency and efficiency in the consumer goods value chain. 

What makes RELEX different?

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A business built on science 

Though it began as a startup in Finland, today, RELEX is a global company with over 1800 employees in 21 countries.

Frustrated by the enormous amount of wasted products, time and money in the consumer goods value chain, three Finnish supply chain scientists —Mikko Kärkkäinen, Johanna Småros, and Michael Falck — founded RELEX in 2005. Their goal was to make the consumer goods value chain more efficient, more adaptive to change, and more responsive to consumer demand.  

Powered by AI algorithms and machine learning technology, RELEX delivers a collaborative solution to optimize the end-to-end value chain.

A photo of Mikko Kärkkäinen, CEO of RELEX Solutions.

“It was our dream to build a successful and virtuous software company that follows our core values.”

Mikko Kärkkäinen
Co-founder & Group Chief Executive Officer

Origins of the RELEX name

RELEX is an amalgam of the words “Retail” and “Excellence.” It reflects our focus on providing excellent solutions for the retail industry with the goal of making the consumer goods value chain more efficient and adaptive to change.

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We treat our customers and colleagues as friends

RELEX strives to be a good company to work with, a good company to work for, and an overall good corporate citizen. Our past and future success is based on staying true to our core values. 

The customer is a friend

We have close and honest relationships with our customers. We’re working as a team towards the same goals, and our customers’ success is a shared victory.

We provide measurable value

We’re highly driven to deliver the best solutions to our customers. Our work has a positive, direct, and measurable impact, it increases sales and sustainability, and it decreases food waste and C02 emissions.  

The colleague is a friend

Our colleagues are smart and always available to help when needed. We don’t foster internal competition — instead, we share our triumphs and failures together.

Put an end to stupid things

As a high-growth company, we continuously adjust how we work to adapt to an ever-changing environment. We test new ideas, keep the good ones, and toss those that don’t add value.  

Life is supposed to be fun

We’re serious about what we do, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. There are always new challenges to test our skills, and we make time to have fun while solving them.  

Technology that delivers value 

We help companies across the world sharpen their competitive edge while making their businesses more sustainable. Our market-leading, unified supply chain, and retail planning platform drives record-high product availability, increased sales, improved sustainability, and the best return on investment in inventory, space, workforce, and capacity.  

An illustration of the RELEX platform, where you can plan, balance, and optimize your end-to-end supply chain.

Plan, balance, and optimize your end-to-end supply chain

RELEX advanced forecasting and replenishment solutions offer precise demand forecasting through machine-learning algorithms, leading to optimized inventory management for retail and manufacturing operations.

The RELEX unified platform facilitates seamless collaboration across all parts of the supply chain, from suppliers to distribution centers to store shelves, enhancing visibility and control. This integration enables retailers to respond swiftly to changes in demand, market trends, and supply chain disruptions, ensuring high product availability and customer satisfaction.

RELEX ensures product availability while minimizing waste and spoilage, resulting in a more efficient supply chain, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction through better product freshness and availability. 

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RELEX & sustainability  

One of our main goals is to make the consumer goods value chain more efficient and reduce waste. Across the globe, food waste accounts for 8-10% of yearly global greenhouse gas emissions. We are proud of the fact our food retail and wholesale customers are typically able to cut their food waste by 10-40%. 

In 2023, RELEX helped food retail customers worldwide save an estimated 280 million kg of food waste across the supply chain through more accurate forecasting and inventory optimization, which is equivalent to more than 950,000 tons of CO2.  

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Latest news

The UVESCO Group Selects RELEX Solutions for Integrated Supply Chain Strategy

The UVESCO Group, a leading company in the mass consumption and food distribution sector, has selected RELEX Solutions, a leading provider of unified supply chain and retail planning solutions, to optimize and unify their supply chain, leading to improved customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

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